Previously on, Survivor: The two cops, Tony and Sarah, made a pact to stay together. But a surprise twist pulled them apart. Sarah found herself the only original Brawn in a tribe of three Brains, and three Beautys.

While Sarah’s new tribe, Aparri, had clear divisions, Tony’s new tribe (Solana) was filled with everything Survivor had to offer; two idols, a blind side and one of their tribe members quitting the game. 

But despite everything, Solana won the last immunity challenge, and it was Aparri again heading for Tribal Council, where Alexis was voted out. Eleven are left … who will be voted out tonight? 

This week on, Survivor … after Tribal Council, the six Aparri tribe members felt confident that they had voted out their weakest link, and were in control of the game. In the event of a merge, their six could overpower Solana, who had only five members. They even mused over which Solana players would be voted out first, with Trish top on their list.

Kass hoped that the six would stick together and stay strong, but knew that even the best laid plans can end up ‘sprawled on a murder scene floor.”

Kass took a beach walk with Sarah, who was feeling confident that their tribe was united. Kass told Sarah that she was concerned that either Sarah or Jeremiah would flip in the event of a merge. Sarah was incensed at Kass’ words, and interviewed that she was really offended at essentially being called a liar. 

Sarah told Kass that the demise of their tribe would not be due to someone flipping, but to a lack of trust in each other. They shook hands, agreeing that they’d stick together, but Kass still felt that Sarah’s loyalty was suspect.

Day 17 dawns, and the players wake to a beautiful sunny day. Tony’s finally enjoying his tribe members, and is having the time of his life. But he has to admit that, with no scrambling, trickery or spying, it’s a little boring.  

So he’s happy to receive treemail that tells Solana to pack up all of their gear, and join the Aparri tribe, on the Aparri beach. LJ worries that their five are outnumbered by the six Aparri members, but is glad that he still has his Hidden Immunity Idol. Tony also grabs his own Hidden Immunity Idol, and interviews that he’ll use it to help any of the Solana five that may need it.

On Aparri’s beach, everyone is thrilled that they made the merge. Spencer already has plans to take out the Solana players, one by one. He’s not going to let them forget who has the upper hand.

Solana arrives, bringing all their belongings, and the Merge feast, complete with wine. The group’s first treemail congratulates them on their survival, and tells them that there is now a new idol with “special powers” hidden somewhere in their camp. No one knows what the “special powers” will entail, but Tony determines that he’ll be searching for that idol immediately.