Hey! That’s different! Jeff Probst starts the finale and reunion show in the CBS Studio Centre in Los Angeles, instead of getting right to our “Previously on, Survivor.” Jeff tells us that we can relax, kick back, snack and tweet with him throughout the next few hours. Get cozy ... for the next three hours, Jeff will control the vertical and the horizontal!

Survivor is the biggest social experiment on television, but this season it was taken to another level when the 18 players were divided into three groups, based on personality traits they used most in their daily lives; Brains, Brawn and Beauty. The only question was, which quality would prove the most valuable?

The Brawns tribe quickly lived up to their name, putting their muscles to good use, and building a strong tribe, The Beauty tribe thrived as well, as they kicked back and relaxed, turning a tough game into a vacation. But the Brains tribe was a different story, over thinking everything from the beginning, to become one of the worst tribes in Survivor history. They couldn’t get along, and couldn’t win a challenge.

Fortunately for them, there was a twist in the game, when two new tribes were formed.  After the switch, the three remaining Brains landed up on the Aparri tribe, and on top of the food chain. While over at the new Solana tribe, the Brawns had a five to two advantage over LJ and Jefra. But math was never their strong suit, and the Brawns, led by Tony, began to turn on themselves.

After the merge, the division was clear; the Brawns had a 5 member lead over the Brains. A new Hidden Immunity Idol with different powers was put in play. And at the first Tribal Council post merge, Kass flipped on her alliance. From then on, there was only one rule ... play hard or go home.

Tony built a spy shack, Woo fell out of a tree, and Tasha went on an Individual Immunity run, winning challenge after challenge, while Tony just kept on finding Hidden Immunity Idols. At the last Tribal Council, Trish was blindsided, and Spencer was left on the bottom once again.

Four are left; Tony, a New Jersey cop, will stop at nothing to win the game. He’s found three Immunity Idols, and has orchestrated multiple blindsides. Will his aggressive game get him to the end, or will it backfire?

Woo, a martial arts instructor, is a social and physical threat. But to get to the end, it will take something different from within. Kass, aka Chaos Kass has been the center of conflict, and never afraid to change the game. She’ll take down anyone who stands in her way. Spencer’s game has been one wild ride; he’s gone from top to bottom more than any other Survivor. But through it all, he has never given up. Will this underdog catch a break?

After Tribal Council, the Final Four returned to their beach, where Tony admitted that he’d voted out Trish.  He told a surprised Kass that he was playing a strategic, not emotional game. He doesn’t like that he had to, but he just couldn’t take her to the end – everyone liked her.

Spencer can’t believe he’s made it to the end, and says he’s demoralized by the fact that Tony still has another idol. Since this is the ‘special’ idol, no one knows if it’s capable of being played after the Final Five. Kass doesn’t think it can be, but Tony’s bluffing with all he’s got.

Day 37 at Solarrion ...  Kass comments that Trish had an evil side, and a huge capacity for hate. Tony disagrees. Kass thinks that Tony is an idiot – paranoid and emotional. She feels Tony made a huge mistake getting rid of Trish. She thinks that Tony’s getting a pass by having idols, and that he hasn’t had to do much, having always been on a winning team.

A boat pulls up to their beach, and Kass’ husband is the first to emerge. Spencer, an unemotional fellow, is moved to tears to see his sister. Tony had hoped to see his wife and baby, but it was his best friend Arnold that walked off the boat.  Woo was disappointed as well, as his girlfriend did not come, but overwhelmed to see his little cousin Mike.