Last week on … Survivor. Once more into the breach. And of course, it’s all about Rupert. You remember Rupert. We all do. He’s the good guy that can never catch a break, and sure enough, when he came on to play for the umpteenth time, this time with his wife, his wife was kicked out of the game before anyone could blink. But Rupert threw himself under that bus, to take wife Laura’s punishment, and to be her surrogate on Redemption Island.

On the newbies Galang beach, Brad Culpepper (Culpepper to Jeff Probst) began as he meant to go on, by organizing an alliance of males against females. At the Immunity Challenge, Tadhana started off well, but lost to the puzzle solving ingenuity of the returning champs of Galang. And  after Galang’s Gervaise’s  excessive celebration, Gervaise’s niece Marissa  was targeted and voted off at Tribal Council.   

This week on … Survivor. Post Tribal Council, Marissa joined Rupert and Laura at Redemption Island. Marissa told Laura and Rupert that Gervaise’s exuberant win was what sent her to Redemption Island.

Yikes! On Galang, there’s a morning massage conga line. Colton does not consider himself a part of the whole “zen yoga calm thing” going on, so he refrains from joining the group. Colton tells Monica that he’s over the group; she begs him to at least pretend patience over the next 39 days.

Colton tries to get some drama going in the camp by telling tribe members that they are being targeted. However, Aras sees through Colton’s lies, and tells the others to focus on winning, not losing. Aras realizes that Colton’s game is dissemination, not clever play, and he won’t go that route. Colton, of course, mocks any attempt by the returning champs to play a game based on unity.

At Tadhana, Brad feels like he’s in control. They now have flint, they have fire, and they have begun fishing for their dinner. Rachel (Tyson’s girlfriend) worries that she has a target on her back, as the loved one of a particularly adept returning player. She’s aware that females are a minority on her tribe.

Treemail calls the tribes to head to Redemption Island for the day’s duel. The newbies, except for John, with wife Candice’s future on the line, seem very cavalier about what will happen.

Both teams arrive at Redemption Island.  Rupert, Candice and Marissa enter the ring. Some of the returnees cry, as they realize how close their friends and loved ones are to be being eliminated from the competition. I honestly don’t think that Gervaise has the faintest idea of how his behavior impacted on Marissa’s expulsion from the tribe, until both Probst and Marissa spell it out. Rather than apologize, Gervaise promises that he’ll be rubbng more salt into the other tribes wounds before the season is done. Gervaise, although offered the opportunity to swap places with his niece, does not switch, leaving Marissa to her fate.