Tyson, who hurt his shoulder at the last challenge, is taking advantage of his tribe members’ sympathy to get out of working around camp. When the women leave for a fishing tribe, Tyson and Gervase sneak off to the Coconut Grove to secretly drink extra coconut milk. Laura B notices that a lot of the coconuts are cracked and empty, but Monica says that crabs might have been at the coconuts.

The two tribes gather for the Immunity Challenge, which will involve paddling out into the water to release a series of crates, which they’ll have to bring back to the beach, and use to assemble a staircase. Next, two players of each team will solve a puzzle that releases a key. When they find the right key, they can use it to raise their tribal flag. Besides immunity, the winning tribe will receive tea, coffee, croissants, and biscotti. Or they can trade the food for fishing gear. Survivors ready?

To Probst’s surprise, Galang chooses to sit out Tina and Kat, despite Tyson’s injury. Tyson interviews that he’s probably stronger with one good arm than anyone else on his team.    

As usual, Tadhana takes an early lead, with Galang actually paddling backwards at one point, for the second time this month. With all five crates in their boat, Tadhana is heading back to the beach when suddenly the boat tips, and two crates fall back into the water. Galang takes advantage of Tadhana’s setback and takes the lead.

On the beach, both teams struggle to complete their staircase, before beginning the puzzle. It is Ciera and Vytas on Tadhana, versus Galang’s Tyson and Laura M. (Ciera’s mother.) Ciera doesn’t have a chance against the veteran players, and once again, Galang wins immunity and reward.

Tadhana are despondant; as Hayden puts it, “Today we lost to a one armed man and three moms. That’s brutal. Brutal!” Vytas, Caleb and Hayden head out for a boys only meeting, but Brad lingers with the two girls before joining them. Ciera, expecting to be voted off that night, is surprised when Brad tells her and Katie that they’ll be voting out Caleb at Tribal.

Hayden, Caleb and Vytas have all decided that Ciera is next to go. When Brad takes his time joining the other men, Caleb becomes suspicious. Brad says that he told the girls that Caleb was leaving, but that of course, it will be Ciera.

Brad interviews that he is confident that the two girls will vote for Caleb, but he really wants to get rid of Ciera, as she’s terrible in challenges. He’s set on making the tribe stronger, so it will be Ciera going home.

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