Previously on … Survivor.  On Redemption Island (RI), Marissa and Rachel held Brad Culpepper responsible for their team’s continuing losses. Unable to stand being ignored, Colton burst into tears and quit the game for the second time, leaving in disgrace. John was blindsided, and sent to RI, where he was reunited with wife Candice.

This week, we begin with the Tadhana tribe, who are gloating over John’s shocking blindside. Brad boasts that he had John under his thumb from the beginning, and interviews that he’s got the game under his complete control. His long term plan is to reunite couples as a united front at the merge. Caleb worries that he’s in trouble, as the only tribe member without a loved one on the Galang tribe.  

Both tribes converge for the duel (truel?) the next morning. Candice flashes her middle finger to Brad as she enters the ring. She wishes that Brad had been the new competitor, as she hates him for voting John off the tribe.

Jeff Probst asks Monica how she feels about Brad being called out as the head bad guy of his tribe. She counters that he doesn’t have the only vote; everyone else is involved as well. Candice claims that Brad ‘shushes’ the women of the tribe. John disagrees, but says that every vote has been instigated by Brad, and that Brad lied to him from the beginning. He suggests the tribe should unseat Brad as an untrustworthy leader.

Candice, Marissa and John begin their challenge, which involves maneuvering a key along a twisted rope bridge. They will use the key to open a bag full of pieces to a puzzle which they must solve. The loser goes home. The winner will receive a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol (HII,) which they may give to a player of their choice.

John and Marissa take an early lead, but John flies through the puzzle, and is the winner. Candice finishes second, and Marissa is out of the game. Gervase tells Marissa that he’s proud of how well she played and that she’s an inspiration to him. Marissa is teary but silent as she tosses her buff into the fire and leaves.

Probst asks John who he’ll choose to give the HII clue; Candice advises John to give it to Monica. But when Probst hands the clue to Monica, Brad tells her to throw it into the fire unread, and applauds when she does so. Although Probst is amazed at Monica’s actions, Candice jeers that Monica is doing what she’s told.

Monica interviews that she’s in a good position within her tribe, and doesn’t need the clue. She also admits to being worried about the aggressiveness of the RI players against her husband Brad.

John and Candice take advantage of their exile on RI to fish, and enjoy the beauty of the island.

At Galang, Monica tells the others that she can’t understand why everyone is angry with Brad; she’s sure he’s doing everything he can to make life easier for his tribe mates. Gervase says she may know her husband, but he’s playing in a hard game, and doing what he has to to keep in play. Monica wonders if Brad will even make it to the merge.

On the Tadhana beach, Brad whines that he’s taking all the heat for voting choices. But he’s already decided who he’s getting rid of should they lose the next challenge; Caleb.

Caleb, Vytas and Haydon think they should keep Brad on their side, and get rid of one of the women at the next vote. But they also need to make sure that they don’t get “Johnned” (blindsided) by Brad. The three feel confident in their alliance, and no longer trust Brad.