As the teams paddle back, it’s Wrong Way Colton steering the Galang ship. In fact, they actually paddle backwards and in circles for a while. But eventually they make it to the shore, where Tadhana, with a huge lead, are frantically trying to solve their puzzle.

Despite the huge setback, Tina, Monica and Laura M. quickly make short work of the puzzle. Galang wins immunity!

For no apparent reason, Gervase begins screaming “Don’t let that fool you!” at the other tribe. Considering that he basically handicapped his own team during the challenge, I’m at a loss to understand his reasoning.   And Colton starts to cry again. When Jeff wonders why Colton’s crying, he blubbers that he doesn’t know.

At Tadhana’s beach, Brad tries to make the best of things, saying that he’s happy their loved ones have fire, and assuring everyone that he’s sure everyone gave 100% at the challenge. The ‘puzzle people’ worry that they’ll be judged by how poorly they did. Marissa mocks Gervase for his poor showing, and even poorer sportsmanship in jeering at Tadhana’s loss. And she worries that she’ll be punished for his bluster.

Sure enough, Brad and his guys’ alliance are considering voting out Marissa, largely due to Gervase’s actions. But Katie was pretty much a third wheel as well, unable to help much with the puzzle. The main thing, they agree, is to get rid of one of the women, but still keep the tribe strong.

Vytas feels it’s important to keep the girls on his side, so he sneaks off to tell them the guys’ decision. But he tells Katie that Marissa is the target, while telling Marissa that Katie has been chosen.

Night 3. Tribal Council. Tadhana arrive, and each tribe member takes a torch, as Jeff tells them to get fire, which represents their life. Hayden admits that they were bluffing when they said that they had fire at their camp. Ciera says that the reality of the experience is far different from listening to stories at her mother’s knee.

John says that he’s still feeling very guilty about not switching places with his wife Candice at Redemption Island. He’s worried that she feels he let her down. Brad (whom Probst only ever calls ‘Culpepper’) says he’s surprised that Gervase could celebrate their tribes win, knowing that the win meant one of the loved ones on the other tribe would be going home. Vytas says that this version of the game is very different, in that he would think the winning tribe would be worried about who will be voted off the island. And Marissa says she does indeed feel ‘guilty by association,’ due to Gervase’s ecstatic response to his team’s win. She’s worried his actions made her a target.

They vote. As the names are read, it’s close, but Marissa becomes the first person voted off. Of course, she will now be sent to Redemption Island, where she will battle it out with Rupert and Candice to see who actually leaves the game.

Jeff tells the newbies that they may have heard stories about Survivor, but clearly, their loved ones didn’t tell them everything, or they wouldn’t be at Tribal Council. He tosses them a flint, ensuring that they have fire, and sends them home.

Marissa arrives at Redemption Island. “I just got blind-sided at Tribal. I came in thinking that Katie would go, but Marissa was a go.”

Next time on … Survivor: Colton’s already showing his true colors. “I’m sick of this. I can’t deal with three more days of Kumbaya. Hopefully this camp will erupt into chaos.”  And the first duel at Redemption Island takes its toll on everyone.

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