Previously on … Survivor.  After the merge, the tribes reunited. Tyson found the Hidden Immunity Idol, and then engineered a coup, sending Aras to Redemption Island.

After Tribal Council, Vytas complimented the others on their gamesmanship, saying that neither he nor Aras saw it coming. But he was angry, and wanted vengeance on those who sent his brother to exile. Tina was furious with Monica and Tyson, and told them that they had lost at least five jury votes for flipping. Tyson tried to reason with Tina, saying that they were all only playing the game, and that she had been the one that forced them out. Tina told daughter Katie that she had to play her own game, since it looked like Tina was making enemies. “You need to further your game because I’ve got a much, much, much bigger target on me.”

This week, we go straight to the Survivors facing a nasty food Immunity Challenge. First up: wiggly, live, meal worms, 40 of ‘em! The first three to get all 40 down and show Jeff Probst an empty mouth will get through the round. Tyson and Monica finish first. Vytas coughs up several worms, which fall on the ground, but he invokes the five second rule, picks them up and eats them, to move on to the next round. In the second group, Hayden, Gervase and Caleb get through.

Up next – three ounces of yummy pig intestines, prepared beautifully, according to Jeff. Monica struggles, but makes it, as does Gervase. Gervase is determined to conquer the food challenge; he failed this challenge in Season One. And of course, Jeff Probst serves up the same item that felled Gervase before … live, wiggling grubs. Monica manages to get the grubs down while retching uncontrollably, and wins the challenge. Safe from that night’s Tribal Council, she apologizes to Gervase, but says he has to understand how happy she is to have made it through.

Back at camp, Laura M is organizing the votes – four will go to Vytas, and three to Katie, as they don’t know if anyone’s found the Hidden Immunity Idol yet. Tyson still hasn’t said a word. Seeing the way the others are scrambling to put together a vote, Monica wonders if she would have been the one going home, had she not won the Immunity Necklace. Laura says Monica’s fears show how paranoid Monica behaves, even when safe from a vote.

Vytas fights for his life. He approaches Hayden and Tyson with an idea to keep the males together. They should send a woman home instead. Tyson sees Vytas’ point; if the women realize they have strength in numbers, they could gang up against the men.

And so the players arrive at Tribal Council, where Jeff immediately asks Tina how she felt about Aras’ blindside. Tina says she regrets showing her anger to Tyson and Monica. Vytas admits that he’s still angry with the others. He’s particularly angry at Monica, saying that they had a bond at Galang, and she broke it by voting for Aras.

But Vytas overplays his hand when he tells the remaining women that their real enemy is the other males, and says that Tyson and Gervase are the strongest members of the tribe.

They vote. When Jeff tallies the votes, Vytas receives four votes, becoming the 9th person voted out, and is sent to Redemption Island. Jeff tells Katie and Tina that it’s very clear that they are on the bottom.

Back at the beach, Monica’s stomach is upset. She was supposed to vote for Katie, but Vytas’ attack changed her mind. Gervase is upset that Monica broke their group plan, since he or Tyson could have been on the line instead. Moves like that make him want to get rid of Monica next.

At Redemption Island, Vytas blames his brother Aras for their both being in exile. Aras says he’s still in the game; just watch him. He’s determined to keep a positive attitude, and get back into the tribe. Vytas, however, is negative and petulant.

Day 24. The tribe is summoned to another Immunity Challenge. They will balance a sword on a shield, while balancing coins of various sizes on the hilt of the sword. When the coins drop, they’re out.

Monica’s the first out, with Ciera not far behind. Then Tina, Gervase and Laura follow. It’s the end of Round One, with only four players remaining.

The stacks of coins are growing, and the sweat is beginning to pour off the players’ brows. Caleb’s stack crumbles. Katie and Tyson stand like statues, not wobbling at all. Tina murmurs encouragement to Katie. The wind begins to pick up. Simultaneously, Hayden and Tyson stacks drop, and Katie wins! Tina is overjoyed at her daughter’s triumph.