Previously on … Survivor.  Laura B. tried to saved Vytas’ feelings by warning him that he was next to go, but wound up herself being the one voted out.

After Tribal Council, Vytas assured the girls that he was on their side to the end. Tina let Monica know that she could be the next female to leave.  In a confessional, Vytas admitted that “true blue loyalty” is not the way he plays.

At Redemption Island, Laura B. was furious that the girls mistook her honesty for disloyalty. She felt that they women had made a huge mistake, pre-merge, as the men would now outnumber the women. John and Laura M. agreed, as they had expected to see Vytas next.

Treemail informed both tribes and the exiles that the day’s Redemption Island duel/truel would be the last; the winner would re-join the others, but the two losers would be heading home.

Probst welcomes the tribes, and brings in the day’s competitors. The final duel/truel will be between John, Laura B, and Laura M. The final contest is very simple; the players will have to hang on to a pole for as long as they can. Winner not only re-enters the game, but has the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to gift to anyone.

Laura B. struggles at the beginning of the game, but John is the first to fall. It’s between Laura M. and Laura B., and at the end, it’s Laura M. that manages to (literally) hang in.

Laura B. says that she entered the game as a quiet farm girl, but is exiting the game the strongest woman she’s ever been in her life. John, after 12 days on Redemption Island, and 19 days on Survivor, says the game has been the hardest few days he’s ever spent in his life. Both toss their buffs into the urn and leave the arena.

And now it’s time for Laura M. to re-enter the game, but before that can happen, Jeff announces the merge. The new tribe color is blue. Laura M. and daughter Ciera embrace. Laura still has a clue to gift to someone. Rather than keep it for herself, she places the clue in the fire.

And so, the new, united tribe heads for their new home. The traditional merge feast is there, but Hayden is already wondering what will happen next. Will Laura join Ciera in their alliance, or will the women form a new alliance? And with three couples now in the tribe, will the single players be safer or in bigger trouble?

While the tribe makes their new flag for the merged tribe KASAMA, Laura and Ciera take a walk on the beach. Tyson and Gervase watch, wondering how this shakeup will affect their alliance. Ciera is more affiliated to her previous alliance and wonders if hooking up with her mother is the best thing for them overall.

Laura, on the other hand, feels like her reprieve from Redemption Island has put her in an interesting spot, where her decisions make she and Ciera pivotal players.

Tyson decides that the only way he can leverage himself is by finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. Following the clues that Caleb inadvertently shared when he joined the tribe, Tyson quickly finds the idol. He has no intention of sharing that information with any of the others.