Previously on … Survivor.  Tyson was cruising through the game, with a strong alliance, and the second immunity idol. At Tribal Council, Ciera flipped on her alliance, and for the second time in Survivor history, rocks were drawn to break a tie. Katie was sent to Redemption Island. Tina was overjoyed to see her daughter, but was aware that only one of them can get back into the game.

At Kasama, everyone was still reeling from the Tribal Council proceedings. Tyson took an aggressive/defensive stance against Hayden, saying that you should never let a “crazy person” know that they’re on the bottom, and next to go home. Tyson, Monica and Gervase felt that their alliance was strong, but Monica worried that someone might have an idol. When Tyson let Gervase and Monica know that he already had the hidden idol, Monica continued to find reasons to worry, which got on Tyson’s nerves.

The next day, Ciera feels good about her decision. If she’s going to be the fourth, well then, it was time to make a move. For the first time, she’s hoping her mother wins and re-enters the game, so that the numbers go in their favor. Right now, the only hope she and Hayden have is to win a challenge, or find an immunity idol. If all else fails, they’ll need to try and find a weak spot in the other alliance, and drive a wedge between them.

Jeff Probst welcomes the tribe into the duel/truel arena. The battle will be between Laura, Tina, and her daughter Katie. Probst wonders if Tina is capable of giving 100% of her effort against her own child.
They must use rope to tie sticks together, making a long pole, and then retrieve three keys. The first two castaways to retrieve all three keys and unlock three locks will remain in the game. Survivors ready?

Tina advises daughter Katie how to best tie the sticks together. Laura is first to grab a key, and then a second. Tina falls behind as Katie captures her first key.

Soon Laura has all three keys, and is on to the lock portion of the challenge. And just like that, Laura wins again, retaining her title as challenge monster. Tina spends more time worrying about Katie than solving the problem, and barely ekes through. Tina comes in second, but with mixed emotions. She asks Katie if it’s okay with her, and Katie says that she’s proud of her mother.

With Katie about to go home, Tina says that her feelings about Katie are so very strong, that it’s the hardest moment of the game. Tina was an adopted child, and poured all of her love into Katie. Katie is gracious as she tosses her buff into the urn, and leaves the game.

Since Laura won again, she walks the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to Ciera, who graciously accepts it. Everyone leaves the arena.

Back at camp, Ciera is happy that her mother has once again won the challenge, and is glad to have the clue, but seems more intent on the relationships within the camp. Hayden, on the other hand, is determined to find the clue, unaware that Tyson already has it. Now that he’s aligned with Ciera, he feels that only finding the idol can save them.