Previously on … Survivor.  After 26 days, two things were certain; Katie was at the bottom of the group, and Laura and Ciera were the last ‘couple’ in the game. But Ciera chose her alliance over her mother, and Laura was sent to Redemption Island.

After Tribal Council, everyone apologized to Ciera for voting out her mother, but wondered at Ciera’s lack of loyalty. Some thought that Ciera’s cold-bloodedness indicated a lack of trustworthiness.

Vytas and Tina were shocked to see Laura at Redemption Island, and wondered why Tyson was still floating under the radar, while running the game.

We get to the duel/truel quickly, where Vytas, Tina and Laura prepare to do combat. Jeff immediately notes that Ciera’s vote, saying “mom,” was the vote that took Laura out of the game. Laura cries, but says that’s its okay; they knew at some point it would happen.

In today’s duel/truel, the competitors must move square pieces through a long net tunnel and then position the blocks to solve a puzzle, rather like Rubik’s Cube. Vytas is first to get all four blocks to the end, and begins to position the blocks. The object is to position the blocks so that no colors repeat on any side. Laura is slower with maneuvering the blocks, but is first to solve the puzzle and wins!

Laura then helps Tina by shielding Vytas’ view of the solution, and telling her how to move the blocks. Vytas is angry at first, but then listens to Laura as well, in an attempt to solve the puzzle. Tina solves it first, but only by one second. And Vytas is out of the game after 27 days.

Vytas is cold to Laura, and bitter about his loss. Jeff notes that Vytas came into the game hoping to seek some connection with his brother, and some recognition of being his own person, But he’s out of the game because two mom’s worked together to get him out. Vytas says that they didn’t want him to win, because he, and his brother Aras, were two huge threats in the game. He hopes that he and Aras have reached a new understanding and closeness, based on their shared experience on Survivor. He tosses his buff in the urn and leaves, saying “Namaste, Bitches.”

Laura decides to give the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera. Ciera opts to burn the clue. 

Back at the Kasama camp, Tyson worries about getting to the next level of the game, so he starts to rally the troops against Katie. Hayden understands what Tyson is doing, but wonders if it’s time that the others made a move against Tyson. Katie agrees, knowing that she’s on the chopping block otherwise.

Ciera is surprised that Caleb and Hayden want to turn against Tyson, calling their flip flop on Tyson “sketchy.” So she immediately tells Tyson about the plot. Tyson tells Ciera that he only trusts Gervase, Monica and her at this point, but interviews that he’s not so sure about Ciera anymore. Tyson and Gervase plot to eliminate Caleb, as he’s just too likeable, and could win jury points for being inoffensive.

Hayden and Caleb sense Ciera’s change of attitude when she won’t meet their eyes. Hayden’s worried that Ciera’s flipped, and told Tyson their plans. He confides in Katie, who is surprised at Ciera’s change of heart.

Ciera’s delighted that Tyson wants to get rid of Caleb, and still feels like she’s in a pretty good spot going into the next Tribal Council.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff outlines the game; each player will hold on to a rope handled attached to a bucket filled with twenty five percent of their body weight. As the bucket gets heavier, the rope will play out, the bucket will drop, and the player will be out of the game.

But there’s a twist. Anyone who feels that they don’t need immunity can sit out the challenge and feast on barbequed steak, chicken and sausage, with bread. Everyone is given black and white stones which will indicate their decision. Gervase, Tyson and Ciera choose to enjoy the food rather than do the challenge.

Caleb, Hayden, Monica and Katie begin the challenge.  Monica is determined to show her children that there is more than one bad ass parent in their house. Meanwhile, Tyson romps through the food, tossing chicken bones over his shoulder, burping, and taunting the ones who chose to compete.

Katie is first out. Caleb struggles, but finally can’t take the pain anymore. Hayden and Monica continue to tough it out, but Hayden is first to let go, with Monica winning her third individual immunity!

Tyson, Gervase and Ciera gloat about how good the food they ate was, which makes Hayden and Katie think that the trio are working together. They’ll need to make a new plan if they want to survive. Caleb and Hayden wonder if they should just ask Tyson straight out if he’s planning to blindside one of them, but when they confront him, he blames Ciera, saying that it seems she’s playing both sides against each other. Tyson feels Ciera is too sneaky and too smart to keep in the game much longer. Caleb’s feeling the same way; Ciera should have picked a side and stuck with it.

Tyson enlists Gervase, saying that he’s not sure who’s lying, but he thinks that it could be Ciera. As a teenage mom and hell raiser, she could look you in the eye and lie better than anybody. Gervase no longer knows whom he can trust.

At Tribal Council, Aras and Vytas enter, looking clean and comfortable. Jeff immediately points out that Gervase, Tyson and Ciera opted to eat rather than play, and that move has got to make the others nervous. Hayden shows his blistered hands, and Jeff notes that his hands will hurt even more tomorrow. The trio with the full bellies say that they just decided that they feel comfortable within their alliances, and so decided that eating made more sense than playing. Ciera seems smug as she says, I’d rather not play and eat, than lose and not eat.”

Hayden admits to being a little paranoid, but says that he hopes he is still trusted in his alliance. Tyson says that every Tribal Council is a shock – someone gets voted out, someone gets blindsided, every time. Ciera says she’d be very shocked if she was voted out, as she feels she’s been loyal to her alliance.

They vote. When Jeff asks if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol, Tyson finally decides it’s time to play the idol, but has trouble finding it in his carry bag. Still, he hands it to Jeff. Any votes cast for Tyson will not count.

With three votes Ciera, and three votes for Caleb, the deciding vote is for Caleb, and he becomes the 12th person voted out of the game.

Jeff says, “Well, with an idol and a blindside in the same Tribal Council, the decisions you make about who to trust from this point out will determine who makes it to the end. There is no room for error.”

Caleb’s exit interview: “Tribal Council tonight was not what I was expecting, I was shocked that my name was on there. I figured that Ciera was gonna go home but it was definitely a successful blindside on the other half’s part. Ciera flipped on us.”   

Next time on, Survivor: Trying to change his fortune in the game, Hayden throws everything on the table. “I hope everybody here likes second place, because if Tyson goes to the end, he’s winning it.” And it just might work, when Gervase asks Hayden what they need to do next.