Previously on … Survivor.  Tadhana’s newbie tribe finally won a challenge, which meant Galang had to vote out one of their own returning players. Aras and Tyson manipulated the others into sending Laura M. off to battle against Brad at Redemption Island. After all, she might beat Brad, sending him home, and leaving Monica with only her own tribe to cling to.

After Tribal Council, Laura B. breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn’t been voted out. Aras worried that he might have been seen as the ring leader in ousting Laura M., since leaders are always a target. Sure enough, Tyson warns Gervase that they may need to get rid of Aras before he gets rid of them.

This week, everyone arrives at Redemption Island for the day’s duel/truel. Brad, John and Laura M enter the arena. Ciera tells Jeff Probst that she had a feeling that something had happened to her mum. Before Probst can even ask, Laura M tells Jeff that she’ll not switch places with Ciera; she’ll get back into the game somehow.

The challenge for the trio involves a balance beam and a quartet of bags, each of which contain numbered pieces from 1-100 to put in order. Walk along the beam, untie the bags, count to 100 – are you smarter than a fourth grader? Brad takes a quick lead, while John keeps falling off the balance beam, sending him back to the beginning. Laura is first to finish. John narrowly beats out Brad, who cannot seem to remember his numbers, and that failing sends Brad home after 14 days on the Island.

Brad suddenly turns into a poet, telling Monica, “Monica, I came on here as a shield. Through my fault, or no fault of my own, I became an anchor. You’re free. The wind’s blowing. Sail. Sail hard.” One last kiss and a hug, and Brad’s gone, tossing his buff into the flames as he leaves. Laura, as the winner, offers the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Vytas, rather than her daughter, hoping to put a target on his back. Vytas tosses the clue into the urn without hesitation. John and Laura leave the competitors ring.

Before Galang and Tadhana can leave, Jeff tells them there’s one more piece of business; it’s time to switch the tribes around. The current buffs are discarded, and everyone is asked to draw from a tray of covered buffs in new tribal colors.  

Hayden, Caleb, Aras, Gervase, Tyson, and sole female Ciera will now comprise Tadhana – Monica, Katie, Tina, Laura B., Kat and Vytas, as the only male, are the new Galang.

On Tadhana, Caleb is happy with the new additions, and hopes that they will be able to work together, sharing strategies and information. Gervase just wants to get all the information he can from the ‘other side,’ and they eagerly blab every move the tribe has made so far. They even spill what little they know about the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol to Tyson.