Previously on Survivor.  The returning players were sweeping the challenges, until a tribal switch occurred. The shakeup left Vytas on Galang in an all-female tribe, and Ciera on Tadhana as the only female. Tina and Laura B.’s misunderstanding of the challenge rules led to a defeat for Galang, but it was Kat who was voted off the tribe at Tribal Council, when she turned on alliance member Monica instead of Vytas.

At Redemption Island, Kat woke up John and Laura M., and whined about being ousted. She had something bad to say about each of her tribe, and worried that boyfriend Hayden would dump her for being a loser.

By the next morning, Kat was in full “poor me” mode, sobbing on the beach. Her biggest concern seemed to be that her loss would embarrass and upset Hayden.

This week, we again begin at Redemption Island. Jeff Probst brings in John, Laura M. and Kat. Kat’s already in tears, and immediately asks Hayden for a hug. She tells Jeff that she’s worried that Hayden will see their relationship differently because she’s been voted out.

Hayden assures Jeff that it’s not true; their relationship will be fine. Oh really? Well then, Jeff asks, do you want to trade places with Kat in the arena? Kat loves that idea. She wants to switch, as she’s afraid she won’t do well in duels; she’s bad at puzzles and can’t even spell. Hayden, however, feels like he’s in a good place in his tribe. He throws it back to Kat, asking her what she thinks is better for them, long term. Who has the better shot to win the game? Kat has to admit that Hayden does, so she’ll play.

On to the duel/truel. The challengers will have to untie knots to release a machete they need to chop a rope, releasing a bag of puzzle pieces that they will have to use to build a large fire puzzle.

Kat struggles just to get the pieces out of the puzzle bag. Even with Hayden calling encouragement, Kat places her first piece long after John and Laura have started.

John finishes first. Kat comes from behind, and soon she and Laura are neck and neck. Kat worries that looking at Laura’s puzzle will be cheating, but Laura M. has no such problem. She follows John’s lead, and comes in second, sending Kat home, after 17 days.

Sobbing, Kat and Hayden embrace. She says, “you’re not gonna break up with me, are you?” and he says that he won’t. Kat throws her buff into the urn, and leaves the arena.

As game winner, John again offers the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to Monica, and she once again throws the clue into the fire, saying she means no disrespect to him. He tells her the clue is a gift, so she can do whatever she’d like with it.

At Tadhana, Haydon is second-guessing his choice not to swap with Kat. He feels like he made the right decision at the time, but now feels guilty and responsible for the naïve Kat leaving the game.

His all-male alliance, however, feel they’re in a great spot to dominate the rest of the game, and Aras assures them that they can pull Vytas in at the merge. Each of the males, except for Aras, has lost their loved one. Hayden thinks that they’ll now be stronger, as they’re playing for themselves.