Previously on … Survivor.  After Laura M. was voted out, no couples were left, and the game was on. Caleb and Hayden saw a chance to blindside their biggest threat, Tyson, but after Ciera revealed their plan, Tyson was ready to fight fire with fire. Caleb and Hayden threw Ciera under the bus. Tyson played his Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, but in the end he didn’t need it. Caleb was sent to Redemption Island, in a close vote targeting both Caleb and Ciera. Only six players now remain in the game.

Back at Kasama, Hayden couldn’t help but congratulate Tyson on his game play. He had expected Ciera to go home, but saw that Caleb’s blindside was smart under the circumstances. He tells the others, “I hope everybody here likes second place, because if Tyson goes to the end, he’s winning it.” He says that Tyson’s playing the best game, pure poetry. No one can touch it.

This irks Gervase, who jumps in with a “hey hey hey hey! Tyson can’t do nothing if it wasn’t for me! Tsyon wouldn’t be where he’s at if it wasn’t for me!” Hayden says that might be true, but if Gervase is sitting beside Tyson at the end, its still Tyson that will win.

Tyson asks Hayden why he’s throwing him under the bus, and Hayden says that it’s because it’s true. Tyson deserves to win the game. Tyson is furious, because it may be flattering, and it may be true, but it’s also placed a target on his back. Now he wishes he hadn’t played the idol, even though he trusts his alliance.

Tyson has a pre-emptive meeting with Gervase, Ciera, and Monica, and they decide that Hayden is next to go. If he wins immunity, Katie will be next.

The next morning, Jeff Probst welcomes everyone to the duel/truel at Redemption Island, where Laura, Tina and Caleb will be battling. Caleb can’t even look at the others; he feels betrayed and thinks his former tribe mates, except for Katie and Hayden, are two-faced. He says that in the South, a man’s word is a man’s word and worth something, but it seems that in Utah, Philly and the game of Survivor it doesn’t mean much.  

Jeff asks Gervase if that’s true about Philly. Gervase says that he and Tyson made a bond with Caleb and Hayden, but he heard that they tried to do them dirty first. They simply got them before they could get, which makes them sore losers.

On to the truel. The players will build a house of cards with 150 wooden tiles. The first two to build a stack eight feet tall, or the two with the highest stack after 30 minutes, will live to see another shot at getting back in the game. The loser is out of the game for good. The winner will also decide who gets the clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Challenge.

After 24 minutes, Laura is the only one with a stack almost tall enough. Both Tina and Caleb have much smaller ‘houses,’ although Tina’s is slightly taller. Laura finally places her last two tiles and wins!

Laura counsels Tina, saying she should relax, as she has a good lead on Caleb. They now have three minutes left. At the one minute mark, the back end of Tina’s structure is shaky. Caleb’s stack is taller, but is listing to the left. With seconds left, Caleb’s entire stack keels over. Caleb is out of the game.

Jeff congratulates Caleb for staying in the game for 30 days, and says he’s guessing Caleb impressed a lot of people with his work ethic and the way he handled Colton – a relationship that is still a mystery to him. Caleb reminds Jeff that opposites attract. He then tosses his buff in the urn, and leaves.

Laura again offers the clue to Ciera. This time, Ciera decides she will keep it. Laura tells her to find the idol.

Back on their beach, everyone is still talking about Laura’s reign on Redemption Island. Ciera says she’s so glad her mother won, as Tyson’s playing his idol meant there would be another idol somewhere. The question was, should she take the clue? If Hayden or Katie found the idol, it could be bad for Ciera’s foursome. So she, Tyson, Gervase and Monica will open the clue as a group, find the idol, and decide what to do with it.

Hayden and Katie spy on the others, and find them frantically searching for the idol. Hayden believes that finding the idol is his last hope, so he joins the search.

Tyson feels he has to find the idol himself, not only because he’s Threat Number One in the group, but because he wants to know who has the potential immunity. Since girlfriend Rachel left the game, he’s been determined to win. He cries as he says, “I’m so close, but it still feels like it could all be pulled out from under me.”

Sure enough, he finds the idol. He doesn’t have pockets, so sticks it in his crotch area. He decides that he’ll keep it to himself, rather than share it with the others. Now he can relax.

Hayden finds Gervase alone, and says that he knows Gervase would not be happy with second place. Gervase agrees, and asks Hayden what they can do. Hayden says he has Katie on his side, and can get Ciera, and then they can blindside Tyson. Gervase hopes that Hayden is trustworthy, and that Tyson doesn’t find out about their plan. Hayden tells Gervase that he won’t do anything to blow up his game.

On to the Immunity Challenge. Jeff welcomes everyone, and explains that they will race through a series of obstacles, while balancing a ball on top of a pole. At the end of each obstacle they’ll add another section of pole, making it more difficult to balance. If the ball drops, they must go back. Once they reach the end, they will drop the ball in to a slot, which will release a key that unlocks a box. Inside are sandbags they will use to knock over nine bamboo targets. First person to finish wins immunity.

The winner is also playing for reward; a Survivor ice cream cart will be delivered to their camp, containing ice cream bars, sandwiches, and cones. Survivors ready?

The challenge begins. Monica quickly takes the lead, followed by Tyson and Gervase. Hayden’s close behind, but Katie and Ciera are very far behind. Monica aces the first part of the challenge, with Gervase second.