Previously on … Survivor. Rupert lost the Redemption Island duel to Candice and Marissa. Candice gave husband John a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Colton tried to stir up trouble amongst the returning players. But the Tadhana team lost at the Immunity Challenge, and Rachel was voted out, in hopes that Tyson, her boyfriend, would sacrifice himself for her.

This week, Colton continues to whine that no one wants to strategize with him, by which he means, stir up trouble amongst his Galang tribe mates. Since his entire team is made up of returning players, his attempts to goad the others into either paranoia or sympathy fail.  

We begin immediately with the duel at Redemption Island. Tyson is angered that Tadhana evicted Rachel in hopes that Tyson would trade places with Rachel, and heeds Rachel’s advice that he has a better chance playing the actual game, so should not trade.  Candice, Marissa and Rachel will be competing. Rachel, and then Marissa, call out Brad, saying that he’s playing a losers game, voting off strong players, which is why they keep losing.

As tempers flare, Colton suddenly burst into tears. Probst asks Colton why he’s crying. Colton says he doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Jeff Probst is infuriated that Colton is being so selfish, since his actions will impact his tribe. Colton says he doesn’t care. “What is it that has happened on your tribe that is forcing you to quit, for what now I can confirm for myself is a second time? The first time you feigned an appendicitis. Turns out you didn’t have it. You want to own that one now?”

His tribe members say that they know he’s quitting because his tribe won’t play the game his way. Probst calls Colton a quitter who never should have been asked to play the game. “Is that how it goes, Colton? If things don’t go your way, let’s just stop? … I am now convinced that Colton is the guy who never should have gotten up off the couch. We brought a quitter back and we got a quit again.”

Colton runs over to Caleb, jumps in his lap, and apologizes. Caleb tells Colton to do what he’s gotta do. Caleb honestly doesn’t seem very concerned.

Probst, clearly disgusted with Colton’s actions, sends him home. “You can keep your buff. I won’t give it the honor of throwing that in the urn. We’ll keep that reserved for people that compete.”

If Colton hoped to gain sympathy with Probst, the other players, or the home viewing audience, he failed. He leaves the game in disgrace. And the game carries on as though he was never there.

The duel is a domino type game. The three women line up, and begin to place their blocks on an angular platform. Once in place, the blocks must fall like dominos, ultimately releasing a ball that will smash a tile.  In the 114 degree weather, Candice quickly finishes and wins for the second time. Marissa and Rachel struggle to complete the task. After 45 minutes in the heat, they both try one last time. Marissa’s dominos fall first, and Rachel is out of Survivor.

Candice assigns the second clue to husband John again. That may not go over well with his other tribe members, as John made no effort to share the first clue with his alliance.

At Galang, the others comfort Tyson, who’s teary that Rachel is gone, but glad that she had the chance to play the game. Tyson’s also a little angry that Monica’s husband was the cause of Rachel leaving. No one seems very concerned that Colton quit.

On Tadhana, Brad is sulking about Tyson calling him out, and how Marissa piled on him as well. Brad says that it makes him look like he’s controlling the game; he is, but he doesn’t want it to look that way.

John decides to share the clues with Brad, but says he still intends to find the idol on his own. Brad’s not sure if John really trusts him, so he’ll reserve judgment until John comes back with the idol.

Treemail! From the sounds of things, there’s gonna be a free-for-all in the water. Aras worries that Vytas will bully him in a scuffle, while Vytas shares that Aras has always been the favorite in his family. It seems that the brother’s will be making this match personal.