Probst explains it’s a sumo style challenge. The competitors will square off, one on one, and use padded bags to attempt to knock their opponent off the platform, and into the water. Reward will be a tarp, pillow, blankets, rope, and hammock, or they can trade it all for fishing gear. Monica will be sitting out to even the numbers.

First up, Brad gets his chance to go against Gervase, and Brad easily topples him over. Next, Laura B takes on Tina’s daughter Katie, and wins. John wrangles Aras, but John easily beats him. Kat knocks out Ciera with one push. Hayden pushes Tyson off the raft, but Tyson hurts himself. Medical is called. Tyson’s shoulder is dislocated, and the tendon possibly torn. They can pop the shoulder back in, and he can continue playing.

Play resumes, with Tina winning over Katie. Jeff asks Aras and Vytas how they feel about facing off; the brothers agree it’s a long time in coming. Aras quickly pins Vytas on the ground, but graciously allows him another chance to rise and continue. But Vytas pulls a very unsportsmanlike move, springing up and attacking Aras while Aras’ back is turned. Aras wins, although he’s tearful over having to fight his brother. And both tribes see that Vytas is not above being sneaky and in for the cheap shot.

Laura M is asked to spar with her own daughter Ciera. Ciera tells her mum to go for it, although Laura is not happy with the challenge. In the end, however, Laura M easily defeats Ciera, and Galang wins the Immunity Challenge again.

Tadhana will be going to Tribal Council, yet again. The guys’ alliance assumes that they’ll be voting out either Ciera or Katie, as neither is much of an asset to the tribe. But Brad has a new plan; they should blindside John, in an effort to knock Candice out of Redemption Island, as Candice keeps winning every duel. However, Brad wants to throw his vote to Ciera, so that John continues to believe that Brad is on his side.

Of course, Ciera and Katie are on board with that plan, as it gets them off the hook. Caleb is not happy with Brad’s plan. He feels that Brad is being sneaky, and that voting off John, from the alliance, is underhanded and shady. Hayden and Vytas agree, as do the girls. They consider blindsiding Brad instead.

At Tribal Council, Jeff points out that the women of Tadhana seem to always be voted off. Is there a men’s alliance? The girls agree, but Brad says it’s just a question of voting off the weakest players. Vytas comments that trust and information are the keys to staying in the tribe, clearly a pointed comment about John keeping the idol clues to himself. He’s happy that someone in his alliance may possibly have the hidden idol, but is just as happy that it’s not himself, as having the idol puts a target on the back of the holder.

Time to vote. And it’s John who becomes the third player voted out of the game, and headed for Redemption Island, by 4 votes.

Jeff says that it appears that voting is being done based on the future, but with each vote, their tribe is getting weaker.

John arrives at Redemption Island, feeling utterly blindsided, but is happy to be with wife Candice.

Next week, on Survivor: Brad thinks he’s in control of the game, but he goes from the driver’s seat to the hot seat.

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