Tyson’s also worried. Before, he had an immunity idol, but now he’s going into the challenge as much in danger as any other player.

And so Jeff welcomes the last four players in to the final Immunity Challenge. Today they will race through a complex series of obstacles, collecting bags, two at a time, and then race down a waterslide for two more bags. Once they have all six bags, they must solve a puzzle that will give them a clue to a combination lock. Once the lock is opened, it will raise their flag.

Monica and Gervase take an early lead. Tina’s struggling from the beginning, but fights on, although she’s way behind the others. Tyson, Gervase and Monica, with six bags each, now have to solve the puzzle, as Tina looks for her fifth bag. But she quickly finds the fifth and sixth bag, and joins the others.

Monica and Tyson are neck and neck as they attempt to solve the puzzle, which contains clues that will help them find the combination to the lock. Tyson is first to finish, but now has to find the answer. Suddenly Tyson races to the waterslide and slides down, then runs back up the stairs, counting their number, and solving the code. Tyson wins final immunity!

Tyson’s ecstatic. It’s the first time he’s made it to Day 39. Now if he can just make it to the Final Three. Monica gloats over body checking Gervase in the challenge. He’s not pleased with her moves. But Gervase is still intent on voting Tina out of the game, keeping Monica as their third.  He tells Monica that his strategy all along has been just to be natural, and never be nasty.

Monica admits that she’s still furious over Tyson giving Gervase the idol at the last Tribal Council. She feels betrayed, and says it’s still in the cards that she could make a game changing move tonight. Tina seizes on Monica’s anger, and asks her to vote for Gervase, since it’s the only way the two of them can stay in the game. Gervase has played a better social game, and is more likeable than Tyson to the others, so it makes sense to get rid of Gervase first. On the other hand, that leaves Monica sitting next to Tina in the Final Three.

Jeff brings in the jury, as they gather for the Final Tribal Council. He immediately asks Tina if she’s feeling under pressure, and she agrees. Jeff noticed Monica’s body check at the challenge, and calls her on the move. She again admits to having done so, and also says that she and Tina may be in agreement on outing Gervase that night. But Monica is all talk.

Jeff tallies the votes. The 16th person voted out and final member of the Jury will be Tina. She asks that the Final Three be kind to each other tomorrow. The power now shifts to the jury, and they will decide whom they think is worthy of the title of Sole Survivor.

Tina’s exit interview” “Oh my goodness. I think this is so hard for me, mainly because I know I was one Tribal Council from tying Sandra’s record of having two wins. Because I know that if they had kept me, if I’d had to build a fire against Gervase, I would have won. So, that’s kind of hard. But at the same time, Survivor never ceases to deliver the adventure of a lifetime.”

Tyson, Gervase and Monica wake up to a celebration breakfast of chilled champagne, cheeses, meat and mangos. Tyson’s been dreaming of that breakfast since Day One. Monica’s particularly elated to have made it to the end without husband Brad or a safety net. After 13 years, Gervase has come back to a game completely different from the original, but he’s made it to the end, and he believes he has a chance of convincing the jury that he deserves to win.

Surprisingly, there is no traditional tribute to “fallen companions” nor a final bonfire.

After 39 days, they join Jeff for a Tribal Council, where the jury will be allowed to ask questions of them. Gervase is first to plead his case, and he tells the jury that he feels he’s played the game the way it should be played, despite having been out for 13 years.

Monica starts by saying that the allegation that she’s been dragged along like a puppy dog has never been true. She’s always wanted to be in the Final Three with Gervase and Tyson. She feels like her strategic play gave her the best chance to win.

Tyson says that he knew from the beginning that he’d have a target on his back, but after Rachel was voted out, he felt he had to win, since he needed to make her sacrifice worthwhile. But he’s done everything based on strategy, not on malice.

Vytas is the first to speak, and he’s not happy with anyone in the Final Three. He has no idea who to vote for, as he’s angry at all of them. Katie is next, and she first targets Tyson for his malicious dig at her own final council. He hopes that she can look past his actions, and regrets the moment. Caleb speaks to Gervase, asking him what his biggest game changing move was. Gervase says that it was when he decided that they should take out Aras, as that was his idea. Caleb then asks Monica to show that she’s not the perfect person she’s always portrayed. She says the last 21 years she’s been Brad’s partner, but this game has been all about getting to the end and winning, as a badge of honor as Monica, not Brad’s wife.

Ciera asks Tyson if he sees himself as a villain or a hero. He says his every move has been strategic, and never personal. She then asks Gervase if he ever thought of getting rid of Tyson, and he answers that he did think of it at one point, but made the decision to stay, as he feels he can beat Tyson in the end.

Laura says that she just doesn’t ‘get’ Monica; who is the real Monica? Monica responds that she’s well aware of the cruel things that people have said about her but she’s struggled through because it’s her time. Tina asks each of the trio to use one word only to describe themselves. Monica says, “generous,” Gervase says, “honorable,” and Tyson says “fun-loving.”

Hayden asks Tyson if he had the idol when they drew rocks. Tyson says that he did; he was one step ahead of him all the way. Hayden tells Monica that he loves Brad, but he doesn’t know who Monica is. She cries as she says that she feels like she’s been a target all along. Have they never met a woman who is just nice and unselfish?

Aras congratulates the players, and asks Gervase to prove his game awareness, by telling him who the jury should vote for, other than himself, based on their overall play. Gervase says Tyson, because Tyson has played the best game overall. Monica opts for Tyson as well, citing his winning of the last two immunities, along with the finding of the two immunity idols. Tyson says he’d vote for Monica, as she kept to herself, acting as though she was the bottom player, while maintaining her alliance with himself and Tyson.

Jeff thanks the jurors, saying it was a great Final Council. And it’s now time to vote. But of course, as soon as they do, Jeff grabs the urn and leaves the island, only to reappear … at the finale/reunion show in Los Angeles.

The audience is rowdy as Jeff arrives. Although Monica gets one vote, the winner is … Tyson! Tyson sobs as he hugs the others, and of course, Rachel.

Tyson says that he only got into the game so that girlfriend Rachel could have some fun, but once she was gone, he had to fight to keep in, and that kept him focused. He couldn’t let himself relax, because he was determined.

Jeff points out how difficult the game really is, and that no one who isn’t playing really understands how it works. Tyson says that no one sleeps more than a few hours at a time, as the strategy goes on day and night.

Monica is praised for her dominating physical play. With three individual immunities, she was polarizing and controversial, but was consistently respected for her strength and determination. She says that her life with Brad has been priceless, but she played to not only say thank you to her husband, but to remind her family that she’s still the gritty woman he met all those years ago. Brad says he knew that Monica was a ‘bad ass’ long before Survivor.

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