Previously on … SurvivorBlood vs. Water began with 12 couples, who were quickly split up and turned into competitors. Last week, Ciera and Hayden tried but failed to get Monica’s support, and it was Hayden’s turn to go to Redemption Island.

This week, the final Redemption Island duel/truel pits Tina and Laura against Hayden, who thinks his chances are good against “a couple of grandmas.” Unfortunately, the challenge involves balancing a ceramic vase on a board, using only one foot, traditionally an easier task for women than men. The winner will rejoin the tribe, but the two losers are out of the game.

Laura is the first to falter, but makes an incredible save. While the others watch Laura, Hayden wipes a little sweat from his eyes, and drops his vase. Hayden is out of the trial, and will be the 5th juror. Laura begs Tina to let her win, so that she can help Ciera. But both women are determined to make it back into the game; neither will give in.

As time passes, pain begins to set in. Tina struggles, but it’s Laura who finally loses her balance, causing the vase to fall. Laura will be the 6th juror. Tina is ecstatic that she has won, but apologizes to Laura, who wanted so desperately to get back and join Ciera.

Laura is devastated at losing. She feels that she did not finish strong, and that she disappointed her daughter. But Ciera is complimentary, saying “You showed me how to be a better friend, and a better woman and a better mom more than anything. And I love you so much.” It’s a Hallmark moment when Laura replies, “How can you walk away saying you lost after that?”

Now that Tina’s back in the game, she wastes no time connecting with Ciera, and they both resume the search for the idol. But of course, Tyson’s already found it, so they come up empty. They next go to work on Monica, hoping to convince her to join them in an all woman/all mother alliance. Tina chooses a negative stance, telling Monica that the jurors are against her, while Ciera appeals to Monica’s ego. Monica, however, doesn’t know if she buys either woman’s arguments.

The tribe members arrive at their challenge. They’ll need to pull on a rope, retrieving ten wooden blocks, which they will have to arrange on a table, all the while balancing the table, until all of the blocks are gathered and upright on the table. Winner takes immunity, while the other four will be up for elimination.

The women take an early lead, but as time goes by, Tyson and Gervase crawl ahead. Tyson maintains a steady lead, finally winning immunity and a spot in the Final Four!

Jeff says that he imagines the other four will have a very interesting afternoon. Tyson interviews that he never believed he’d be in this position, and now has to make a decision on whom he’ll be bringing to the end. He and Gervase strategize; do they eliminate Ciera or Tina?

He decides to let Monica and Gervase decide. Monica says that Tina is the most dangerous to have beside them at the end, since she has the most friends on the jury. She also feels she’s been bullied by Tina. Gervase disagrees, saying that Ciera is more dangerous, as she’s devious, and even voted out her own mother.

Monica feels that Gervase himself has turned into a bully, and should be careful how he speaks to her. She tells Ciera and Tina that Tyson already has the hidden immunity idol, but she can’t see him giving it to Gervase. Monica decides that however she votes, it’ll be a vote for Monica, and what’s best for her.

At Tribal Council, Aras, Vytas, Caleb, Katie, Hayden and Laura file in. Jeff immediately notes that Tina has aligned with Ciera, and asks Monica how she feels being a deciding vote. Monica admits that it’s been crazy, with both sides salivating over her vote.

Ciera goes on the attack, again saying that Tyson’s called Monica his little lapdog since the beginning. Tyson denies ever saying such a thing. Monica tells Jeff that she’s breaking down from the stress of the last few days, but tonight, she’s doing what’s best for Monica, and no one else.

The tribe members vote. Jeff says that tonight is the last night that the hidden immunity idol can be played. Gervase looks to Tyson, and Tyson hands the idol to Gervase.

So, the two votes for Gervase do not count, but the two for Ciera do, and she becomes the 16th person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and the 7th jury member.

Ciera’s exit interview: “I had plans I put into motion, and it didn’t work out. But I know I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever thought I would, I thought I would go Day One, I thought my mom would be here way past me, and I beat her. I’m leaving with just so much confidence and strength, and I’m so happy with the way I went out, fighting, and I feel like I did all that I could do.”

Back at Kasama, Tina tells the others that she was shocked at the vote. Monica tries to be sassy, but admits that she felt it was time to control her destiny. Her only hope now is to win the next Immunity Challenge.

Tina’s proud to see Day 38 in the game, but she is also convinced that the only way she’ll get through the day is to win the challenge. So both women are prepared to give it everything they’ve got.