Previously on … Survivor.  The returning players had the game in control, despite the decimation of their loved ones on the competing team. Brad Culpepper thought he had the Tadhana tribe in his pocket, but overplayed his hand, and found himself blindsided at the last Tribal Council. A shocking move by Caleb, Colton’s fiancé, found Brad exiled to Redemption Island, to compete in a ‘thruel’ (duel for three) against John and Candice.

Brad told John and Candice that it’s just business, and that his actions were not personal. His only alliance is to Monica, his wife.

This week, Tadhana’s Hayden and Vytas are still a little confused and worried by Caleb’s sudden decision to oust Brad. While it was a good move, they would have preferred to have known in advance.   

On Galang, Laura Morett is giving a deep body massage to Aras. He’s on the defensive the next day, saying that he’s not taking Laura’s actions as personal or sexual, but the rest of his tribe are a little skeptical. Rupert’s wife, Laura Boneham, feels like an outsider, and is finding the game more difficult that she imagined.

The next morning at Redemption Island, Galang discovers that Brad has been exiled. Monica, who had previously said that she would be amazed if Brad made it to the merge, is teary. She offers to trade places with Brad, but he insists that he’s good, he’ll get back into the game.

Jeff Probst points out that Candice has been Brad’s biggest detractor, yet she’s never actually spent any time with his tribe. She says she’s going on what she’s heard from his tribe members, when they’ve been voted off of Tadhana, and become fellow exiles on Redemption Island.   Monica tells Candice that her feelings have been hurt by Candice’s words, but Candice reminds Monica that she was the instigator of Candice’s being sent to Redemption Island before the game began.

And so ... on to the duel/thruel. The players must disassemble a wood crate, and then build a bridge ladder. Once they have crossed the bridge, they will take it apart, and use the same pieces to solve a puzzle. Two will continue on Redemption Island, while the loser will leave the game.

All three are evenly matched. But at the end, Candice finishes just behind Brad. We now have a potential sitcom in the making, as Brad and John will spend the next several days together until another person arrives on Redemption Island.

John and Candice can barely let go of each other, as they kiss goodbye. Monica and her team mates are exultant. Probst probes into how John and Candice feel about this turn of events. Candice is devastated. John is sad that Candice never really got to play this season of Survivor, and now has to leave. They embrace. Candice tosses her buff into the urn, and tells everyone to “have fun.”

Once again, winner John offers the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to Monica. And once again, Monica opts to throw the clue into the fire, unread.

Day 11 on Galang. The day is sunny, the water beautiful, and her tribe mates console Monica; Brad may be down, but he’s not out. She’s sure that he can get back into the game, by hook or by crook. But Tina immediately sees a crack in Monica’s veneer; Tina feels that Monica, with or without husband Brad, could either be a huge threat, or a big asset. Which that will be has yet to be determined.

On Tadhana, the newbies are feeling the pain. Not much food, less water, poor shelter, and the lack of basic grooming amenities has the younger players feeling a little off kilter. Everyone’s covered in bug bites and road rashes, and it’s taking a toll.