According to a new Harris poll, 20 percent of U.S. adults say Crash should win the Best Picture Oscar this year. Only 13 percent believe Brokeback Mountain should win, followed by 10 percent who each say Good Night and Good Luck and Munich should take home the award. The fifth nominee Capote has the support of just 4 percent of adults.

What may be worrisome for the producers of the Academy Awards is that 24 percent of adults say they are not sure who should win, and 18 percent think none of these five should win. Without being invested in a movie, will they tune in to watch the awards?

In the race for Best Actor 32 percent of adults say Joaquin Phoenix should win for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, while 15 percent believe the Oscar should go to Heath Ledger for his performance in "Brokeback Mountain." The other three nominees do not garner as much support as eight percent say the award should go to Philip Seymour Hoffman for "Capote," seven percent choose Terrence Howard for Hustle and Flow, and four percent say David Strathairn should win for "Good Night and Good Luck." Again, 23 percent say they are not sure who the Best Actor nod should go to this year.

The Best Actress race is much clearer, at least in the minds of the American public. Forty-three percent of adults say Reese Witherspoon should win the Oscar for "Walk the Line." Her fellow nominees receive single- digit support: Keira Knightley for Pride and Prejudice (7%), Felicity Huffman for Transamerica (7%), Charlize Theron for North Country (6%) and Judi Dench for Mrs. Henderson Presents (6%). One in five (20%) are not sure who should win for Best Actress.

The nationwide Harris Poll surveyed 1,016 U.S. adults by telephone between February 7 and 14, 2006.

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