Supernatural” won’t air new episodes until 2014, so the winter finale demanded it go out with a bang.  "Holy Terror" did nothing but drop bomb after devastating bomb.  

When we heard the state of Sam's health last week, he was nothing but "duct tape and safety pins inside."  This week, Ezekiel is claiming that Sam is "much-improved" but Zeke still says that Sam needs more time.  Honestly, I'm not sure I'd want to leave Casa Sammy either.  He's got the dimples and tiny waist and he definitely doesn't have to ask strangers to get things off the top shelf at the grocery store.  However, last week Sam was at Death’s mailbox, but this week he's suddenly better?  This is such a red flag, it’s glowing.

The Winchesters are investigating a case regarding the wicked angel slaughters in the cold open, which makes Zeke incredibly anxious.  Dean wonders how much Zeke is listening to their conversations, which is something I've been worried about all season.  He disappears before Dean can really question him.  Sam emerges mid-sentence and notices that they've traveled 50 miles in a matter of seconds.  "There are chunks of time that are just missing.  There are times when I'm not here," Sam worries.  Dean pulls out the bat and starts beating the world's most flogged horse named The Trials:  "You're not up to warp speed yet.  Would I lie?"  

Dean's ease at dissembling actually makes me uncomfortable.  I don't like feeling bad things in regards to any of the Winchesters, but I can't imagine how awesomely this will blow up in his face.  The guys arrive to the crime scene to discover that Castiel is already there.  Sam seems impressed and smothers a smile as he scoffs, "Agent."  Castiel buttons in giggle and puffs out his chest, "Agent."  He's so thrilled to be in on the joke. And it also reminds me of the equally adorkable “Doctor” scene in "Changing Channels.” 

The crime scene is a blood bath.  Those poor possessed bikers (and disciples of Buddy Boyle) didn't stand a chance against the rogue religious glee club who probably harmonized while they slaughtered them.  They immediately suspect Batholomew's mysterious faction, whom we haven't heard anything about in months.  Castiel is determined to find them.  I knew he wouldn’t stay the Gas ‘N Sip for very long.  Ezekiel pops out to glare at Dean in a way that's far more menacing that Sam's trademark bitchface.  But who cares?!  Team Free Will is back in action, and it's glorious!  It includes a former angel that's lit off a single beer, a high school drop-out, and a geek who doesn’t know he’s being bad-touched by an angel.  As soon as Castiel leaves, Zeke appears again to freak the hell out.  "He is a beacon pulling every angel for miles down on our heads."  Dean presses him, wondering what the angel is scared of.  "When I chose to answer your prayers and heal Sam that means I'm not in good standing with certain angels," Zeke flimsily explains.  Because, as Dean points out, Castiel is human and is brave enough to fight for the greater good, so clearly the "good and honorable angel" Ezekiel could do the same thing, right?  This is yet another red flag.

Of course, all of those flags burst into flames when Zeke heads outside and Metatron pops out from behind a dumpster to out the angel inside of Sam.  He describes him as an angel who spent "countless thousands of years locked in Heaven's darkest dungeon.”  “You were God's most trusted.  Your one task was to keep evil from befouling his cherished creation, mankind, and you failed," Metatron tsks.  Yes, the angel inside of Sam is actually Gadreel, the winged one who let Adam and Eve taste the fruit of the poisonous tree.  GULP.