"Supernatural's" season 8 finale left many angst-coated balls in the air: Castiel, having been tricked by Metatron, was rendered human; the angels were cast out of heaven; and Sam, choosing life, abandoned the trials only to very nearly perish anyway.  The season 9 premiere managed to keep all those balls compellingly in play while still ninja-kicking us in the heart.

Only a day has passed since what the media was calling the Global Meteor Shower had occurred.  No one is tweeting or Instagramming the celestial beings roaming the earth because most of them have found vessels.  In the hospital, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is deteriorating rapidly.  Tests reveal "major internal burns" and lack of oxygen to the brain.  The resulting coma was the body's stop-gap, but eventually Sam will die unless God intervenes.  

In the Supe-verse, God is nothing more than an absentee father, and one angel in particular is the reason for all of Dean's prayers and his faith.  Jensen Ackles turns in beautiful work as he prays for Castiel to return, and essentially begs for Sam's life.  It's a shame that in a divinely appointed chapel, complete with sunshine streaming onto the altar, that Castiel cannot hear him.  Desperate, Dean sends out an SOS to all angels, hoping one of them to be able to heal his brother.  Dozens of angels answer the call.  Unfortunately, most of them want to bash Dean's pretty, pretty face in order to get to the presumed traitor Castiel except for a well-meaning angel named Ezekiel (Tamoh Penikett).  He's a gentle, polished angel, who doesn't seem to fit his leather-and-hoodie clad vessel.  He admires Castiel, promises to help Sam, but he was injured in the fall.   What does that mean for a failing Sam?