Last week, Castiel asked Dean, "Do you really believe three will be enough?" to beat the villain of the moment.  Dean answered, "It always has been," with a certainty that felt simultaneously hopeful and damning.  Tuesday's "Supernatural" finale posed, "Do You Believe In Miracles?" and answered itself with a complicated, soul-flaying affirmative.  

Grab your tissues and your therapist’s number, and let's dive in shall we?

When we last left the Bunker, Dean was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog after slashing Gadreel with the first blade.  Castiel restrains Dean, and Sam uses his little brother mojo to get him to drop the blade.  They drag Dean into the dungeon Crowley occupied, secure the First Blade and go tend to Gadreel.  The rogue angel has fled the bunker, leaving nothing more than an angel wing-shaped blood stains behind.  Sam and Castiel follow the bloody brick road to find Gadreel bleeding in a field.  Castiel uses most his remaining grace to heal him.  He explains his theory that Metraton is siphoning the power of the angel tablet to make him like a God.  The angel tablet is hidden in Heaven, so off Gadreel and Castiel go to destroy the tablet and cut off Metatron's power. 

Dean, trapped in the dungeon that's apparently fully stocked with demon-hunting supplies and no bucket for him to puke in, summons Crowley to help him escape.  It becomes quite clear--to Dean who finds out that unless he keeps killing, the First Blade will kill him--and to Sam, Castiel and Crowley, that Dean and his "douchey tribal tat" is the only weapon they have to defeat Metatron.  "This is not a bomb we're talking about.  This is my brother," Sam yells.  He finally admitting that he never stopped loving Dean, no matter how angry he is.  

One of the only problems I had with this episode was that Sam actually left the blade unattended and with a fully stocked pantry.  Sam is many things, but stupid is not one of them.   

Crowley and Dean hide out in a sports bar to "bromance" over the blade and search for any hits on Metatron.  Crowley uses the time to gauge Dean's emotional state.  "You never get tired of the rat race, never get the urge to bugger off and howl at the moon?  Never ask yourself, ‘is this all there is?’  This inquiry struck me as odd upon first viewing.  I thought it was his humanity rearing its emo head.  That would definitely be a miracle.  Alas, “Supernatural” is not about miracles, and Crowley confesses to “kicking” his human blood habits, which only raised my hackles more.  

Thankfully, Crowley's demons understand the importance of social media and find "Marv's" viral video of him healing a woman who was pancaked by a car.  It's not much but it’s a lead.  When Dean leaves his cheeseburger untouched on the table, it's only then that I'm truly terrified.

Dean and Crowley pull up to a pleasant trailer park where Sammy is smugly waiting.  "I guess one of us doesn't need a demon to help follow a clue trail."  

This is not the broment I’ve been waiting for.  "Whatever kind of intervention you think this is, trust me, it ain't," Dean hedges.  

Sam's livid that Dean has been playing "Odd Couple" with Crowley instead of working the case with him, and it snowballs into the brothers re-hashing the atrocities of Gadreel’s possession.  After months, Sam is finally expressing how he feels, and I can practically hear the entire fandom's sighs of relief and/or screams of "FINALLY!"  "You tricked me, Dean, and now I'm the one who wakes up in the middle of the night who sees my hands killing Kevin, not you!” Sam confesses.  He wouldn't be Sam Winchester if he wasn't as pragmatic as he is kind.  "I also get that Metatron has to go and I know you're our best shot to do that." 

Dean agrees.  "I'm going to take my shot, no matter the consequences."  

"If this is it, we're going to do it together," Sam says, and it echoes so many pre-battle pep-talks of the series, most recently Dean driving into Stull Cemetery in the epic "Swan Song” and Dean vowing to help carry Sam through the trials in "Goodbye Stranger."