"Supernatural" may be one of the only television shows with just two stars in Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, however, it has amassed an arsenal of recurring characters that rivals the Impala's trunk armory.  In "Alex Annie Alexis Ann," the brothers let badass Sheriff Jody Mills take step up to the plate and knock it out of the park in an episode that was as brutally emotional as it was just plain brutal.  

Grab your favorite machete, and let's dive in shall we?  

The episode's cold open is an amuse bouche that teases the awesome gore-and-angst-fest that to follow.  A "near feral" runaway named Alex (or Annie, Alexis or Ann) is locked in a holding cell only be ambushed by a vampire she seemed strangely to know.  Jody Mills pops up to epically lop his head off with an easily accessible axe. Just when I feared that Jody had given up sheriffing to become a solo hunter, Cody's lifeless, headless body slumps out of view to reveal her uniform.  So Alex is in Sioux Falls!   Nothing bad ever happens there.  

Sam and Dean arrive to bask in the glow of Jody's growth as a hunter over a trunk full of dead vampire parts.  "I don't know, Sammy, looks like Jody might not need our help anymore," Dean says proudly.  "They grow up too fast," Sam beams.  This is about as insync and carefree that Sam and Dean will be in the entire episode.  

Thanks to Sammy's obvious and weirdly invasive mouth swab for a "dental identification," Alex immediately makes them as hunters.  Her DNA did pop on the database as a child who was abducted eight years ago from Wisconsin.  Jody wonders why she’s protecting the very vampires who held her captive.  Sam and Dean surmise from the layers feeding scars that she's been kept as a "blood slave, a human feedbag" and she may have "Vampiric Stockholm Syndrome."  Alex sees it differently.  They cared for her, so she willingly fed them when they couldn't find people to drink like CapriSuns.  

"Mama finds me...she'll kill me," Alex says creepily.  That totally doesn’t give me chills.

Since vampires can track her scent anywhere, Jody opts to take Alex up to her family's cabin while Sam and Dean find and exterminate their nest.  Dean mentions dead man’s blood as a back-up, but they don’t brother procuring any for Jody because they’ll wrap this case up in a few more hours and it would be a wasted effort.  Because everything always goes as planned, right?  

Luckily, O'Neil, Nebraska is a tiny town, so the wet, chunky squick of limbs being ran through a woodchopper leads them directly to the nest.  Dean plays bait while Sam brains Dale with a shovel from behind.  They simply string him up in the kitchen and start asking questions.  Dean's been rougher around the edges since he first held the First Blade, and it's definitely evident in this scene.  

Dale spills Alex's secret: she's their lure.  "How do you think we stayed off her radar all these years?  Sure, we hunt sometimes for sport, but it's always easier and a lot safer to get delivery."  They flash to a psychotic Alexis leading a horndog trucker to a motel room.  His name may as well be Domino's, because her brothers emerge from the shadows and devour him like pizza.

Sam and Dean are rightfullu worried about Jody.  Back at the cabin, she returns to the house, unaware of the danger.  She creeps down hallways, explores darkened corners and heads into her late son's room to check on her.  It's so deliciously suspenseful, it's almost unbearable.  It feels like season 1 again, but with better special effects and haircuts.