After seven seasons of killing monsters, exorcising demons and defending the world against imminent demise again and again, a newly released promo for “Supernatural’s” eighth season finds Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively) finally taking the offensive.  The prophet Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) has somehow escaped from Crowley’s clutches to inform the brothers about another one of God's stone tablets that explains how to close the gate to hell permanently, and put our hot, angsty hunters out of a job.

The gripping one-minute promo taunts fans with snatches of a Winchester reunion that includes bro hugs, a ragged Castiel (Misha Collins) squatting in a desolate Purgatory stream, and Dean in full-on warrior mode.  It also poses the question: What exactly did Sam and Dean do while they were separated for an entire year?  It’s obvious by Sam’s impeccably styled hair and sun-kissed skin that he found a fantastic salon.

Although this epic teaser only worsens the wait for “Supernatural’s” season premiere on Oct. 3, the theme of the season feels like the powers-that-be are preparing for the show’s endgame.  Fear not, according to, the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz supports the show and would love for it to continue for a few more seasons at least.  “Supernatural” season 15, anyone?  

Watch the promo for "Supernatural's" season opener below and then hit up the comments section to share your thoughts.