Together but hardly united, Sam and Dean set out to find the prophet Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), who had been kidnapped by Crowley last season.  What a difference a year makes, Sam had hung up his weapons and ditched his phones, while Kevin had honed his.  Crowley had given him a make-over and tasked him to translate another tablet bearing God’s word, which detailed how to rid the world of demons forever.  Season eight just flipped the script as the Winchesters and a Tran prepare to strike back against the evil that has plagued their families!  As the heartbreaking death of Kevin’s high school sweetheart promises, the quest will not be easy or casualty-free.  

In its 150th episode, “Supernatural” proved that it still has some badassery up its flannel sleeves, and yet some of the elements felt like a love letter to the previous 149 episodes.  Dean’s sundrenched walk down a dusty road evoked memories of the show’s gamechanger, “Lazarus Rising.”  Dean sneaking off to call his evil sidekick touched on an event in the same episode, where the secrets and dishonesty created the cracks in the foundation of Sam and Dean’s relationship as it surely will again.  Their motel room, with his heinous forest wallpaper and viney bedspreads (that looked an awful lot like Purgatory, yes?), was a shout-out to those chicly tacky motel rooms of the first three seasons.  Finally, Dean tackling Sam like Brian Urlacher as soon and ultimately pinning him reminded me of the very first episode—the scene that started it all and established that "Supernatural" was just about two brothers saving people and hunting things.  Eight seasons later, it’s about two brothers setting out on a insanely impossible mission to vanquish all evil on earth.  My how those boys have grown.

Grade: B-

What did you think of the premiere?  Did you miss Castiel?  What do you think of the new-and-improved Dean Winchester?  Did you love the gore in this episode?  Hit up the comments section below.

Next week: Sam and Dean find Thor's hammer at Willy Wonka's house!

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