"Slumber Party" finally reveals Sam's spartan bedroom.  Sam is still living like a squatter with his belongs in easy to pack piles.  His reasoning:  "This isn't our home.  This is where we work."  Methinks there's more behind this than Sam's letting on.  

Fortunately, Dorothy just fell out of the egg sac of evil, and the Wicked Witch is loose in the bunker.  Currently, she’s flirting with Crowley, who’s still held captive in the dungeon.  Their meet-cute is a study of the bizarre.  She hisses from across the Devil’s Trap.  He puns and snarks from his shackled seat.  I feared that Wicked would help Crowley escape while the Winchesters were battling flying monkeys, but the dungeon is warded against everything, including fugly witches.  With the paper and crayon Sam left with him at the top of episode, the witch reveals she’s looking for a key that can “turn any locked door until a portal to Oz" so she can go back and finish destorying it.  After saving the world a few times, it’s good to change it up a bit and save other dimensions, right? 

Crowley shares his intel with the Winchesters only after they “air him out” which in Dean-speak means shooting him in the lung. 

While Sam and Dean search for the escaped witch, Charlie and Dorothy make eyes at each other.  Dorothy reminds me more like Hollywood’s representation of famed and doomed pilot Amelia Earheart.  She’s brash, brave and beautiful, and wears a leather pilot’s jacket and pants, not petty coated frilly dresses here.  She’s also got major daddy issues.  You see her father was L. Frank Baum, a Man of Letters who was obsessed with Oz.  Charlie points out that Baum wrote the Oz books as a way to leave clues for Dorothy, the hunter.  Hagarty also worked the case until he retired.  He managed to get ahold of some Poppies from Oz, and Charlie makes bullets laced with them, which will stun the witch.  Unfortunately, everyone only gets one bullet each and the bullets barely do anything.

Thanks to some fantastic continuity from last season’s “Goodbye Stranger,” Dean remembers that he put the key in his room after doing inventory.  He and Charlie search for it.  The porn, of course, is very organized, but the magical, priceless artifacts are just dumped in a box.  Dean finds it just in time for the witch to funnel down in a tornado of nefarious green smoke, snatch it and toss Dean into a wall.  Charlie leaps in front of Dean, taking the bolt of green light, and saving Dean’s gorgeous ass. 

Unfortunately, Charlie is dead.  It’s beyond touching to see Dean whimper and pet her limp face and red hair, but infuriating that he doesn’t at least attempt CPR.  I'm not new to "Superantural," I know she'll be healed in a few minutes, so there's no need to clutch my pearls with horror.  Sam hurries into the room.  Dean wastes no time.  “Zeke, you have to help her!”  The angel instantly appears through Sam.  I’m sure when he took this deal, he didn’t think that he was going to be a personal genie in a bottle.  He was forthcoming before, but now he’s reluctant to grant Dean’s wish.  “I'm barely back to half strength.  Every time I have to use my power, it weakens me which means I have to stay in your brother longer than we both want.  I can help with the witch or save your friend."  It’s obvious from Dean seems to think of Charlie as family, so the choice is simple: “Save her.” 

And so the song remains the same:  Zeke resuscitates Charlie.  He slumps over unconscious and awakens with the danger abated.  Lather, rinse repeat, right?  Maybe not.  Sam and Dean hurry after the witch, and then it happens.  Sam uneasily asks, “Who’s Zeke?  Before I got zapped, I thought you said the name Zeke.”  Dean writes it off as Sam still being “punchy.”  I am screaming.  FINALLY!  

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