Gadreel and Crowley gear up for the ultimate cage match between good and evil.  "Eat me," Crowley snarks before red smoke coils out of his mouth and into Sam's.  Sam has more celestial beings inside of him than heaven itself.

Crowley commits to the task of freeing Sam from his own mind.  He drops the code word, ineffectually shoots Sam in the chest, and chews on the scenery:  "Cast that punk ass holy roller out!"  This scene was written and executed with such passion on Crowley’s part, it harkened back to the humanity he displayed back at the church last season.  Does Crowley almost care about what happens to his Bullwinkle?  Sadly, none of it works.  What does work?  Is Tahmoh Penikett's Gadreel appearing to jeer and lambast Sam for being weak.  They fight, and it's pretty epic.  Sam finally clobbers Gadreel in the face with something heavy and metal and pins him with his size 31s. "Get the hell out!" he commands.  After 10 episodes, dozens of lies and one dead prophet, Sammy is finally back.

But so is Abbadon!  Crowley offers to confront her while Sam, Dean and Castiel escape.  If you are waiting for a smackdown between Crowley and Abbadon, you may be disappointed.  The two simply size each other up and insult each other like exes.  Crowley decides that their battle for leader of hell is "a campaign.  The demons have a choice: take orders from the world's angriest ginger or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin and all the entrails they can eat.  Vote Crowley."  His instant vanish is the best mic drop I've ever seen.  Does he have your vote?   

Of course, it's time for another angst-filled break-up in the rain.  Inexplicably, Sam is somehow on his feet and maintains the energy to glare at Dean, and broken ask about Kevin.  Dean is guilty, but self-righteously so.  He yammers on about how he's "poison" and he wants to track Gadreel down and kill him, but without Sam.  Sam merely shrugs and tells him to go.  He knows that's not the problem, but Dean needs to figure out what that issue is.  Obviously, the fallout from this nuclear bomb will play out over the rest of the season.  Lately, Sam has been known to couch his anger, instead of exploding.  I hope he eventually expresses it, loudly and with his fists.  Please don't mistake my anger as hatred.  I will always heart Dean, but he made a catastrophic mistake and he will have to learn to live with the fallout like Sam and Castiel have.

“Road Trip” was an excellent journey to rescue Sam from the clutches of a deceitful angel, and easily the best episode of the season.  It also worked to establish to further the trajectory of the season for our big bads and the Winchesters.  

What did you think of this episode?   Why does Metatron need the angel tablet when there are no more prophets to read them?  Will Castiel ever get his true back?  How will Sam ever forgive Dean?  Hit up the comment section below!  

Next week, tune in for a buddy comedy “Supernatural” style!  Watch the promo below!


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