Last night's episode of Supernatural brought to mind the episode where Sam and Dean first realized there was a book series about their lives. In this episode, Sam and Dean followed a text message that they thought was sent to them by Chuck, but turned out to be from the Supernatural books fan Becky. Becky tricked the boys into coming to the first ever Supernatural convention.

At this convention, Sam and Dean encountered fans dressed up like them and heard lines from episodes past repeated again and again. They solved this episode's case; about killer orphan ghosts hunting the hotel that hosted the convention, with the help of the fans they met. Dean didn't understand why anyone would want to be a Winchester, but the brothers were still impressed with the fans' dedication to helping them get rid of the evil ghosts.

This episode was lighter on plot and heavier on jokes. Sam dealt with Becky coming on to him before she realized that Chuck was the man for her. Dean tried to come onto one woman but she'd heard the exact same pickup line several times before. While Sam managed to make Chuck promise not to write any more books, the brothers did get help from one of Chuck's previous books. When Bela had told them that she gave the Colt to Lilith, it turned out she had given it to a demon named Crowley who worked for Lilith. Sam and Dean ended the episode with the ghost situation taken care of, and a new lead about the colt to investigate.

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This episode was better than last week's episode because Supernatural reminded the audience they know how to make fun of themselves without going too far. Next week's episode looks more action and plot packed, with another possible end of the world scenario that even features Dean kissing a woman that might have been Jo.

Episode Grade: B

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer