This season on Supernatural, the show introduced the angel Castiel as an important new character. As far as the body he was borrowing, Castiel never gave any explanation other than saying it belonged to a "devout man…who prayed for this". Tonight's episode begins with Dean calmly fishing, and Castiel appearing to tell him they need to talk. Dean realizes he's dreaming and Castiel gives him an address where they can meet in private.

Sam and Dean go to the location Castiel gave Dean. They find an unconscious Castiel, but it turns out to be Jimmy, the guy that Castiel's body belongs to. He has no idea what happened to Castiel and only remembers bits and pieces from when Castiel was in his body. He does know he's Jimmy Novak, from Pontiac Illinois and he's a family man.

Dean wants to send Jimmy home, but Sam thinks they should keep him until they find out what all he knows. Jimmy's not happy about being stuck with the boys, so he sneaks out as soon as he thinks they're asleep. He gets away fine because Sam sneaks out to finish the last bit of demon blood he has on him. Sam comes back to find Jimmy gone, and Dean wonders aloud where he was when Jimmy got away.

In another of Jimmy's memories, he sticks his arm in a boiling pot of water because Castiel tells him to. Elsewhere, Anna shows up and notices that something is different about Sam. She tells the boys Jimmy's probably already dead. Next it's back to Jimmy's memories and he is trying to tell his wife that Castiel told him he was chosen. She thinks he's losing his mind, and threatens to take their daughter from him. Jimmy goes outside to talk to Castiel, and gets him to agree to take care of his family. Castiel takes over Jimmy's body and leaves.

In the present, Jimmy goes to see his family and tells his wife he was in a psychiatric hospital getting help. She thought he was dead, because it's been a year. He tells her he's better now and wants to come home and his wife agrees to start with a family dinner. His daughter asks him if he's going to say the prayer and Jimmy looks ready to cry before he turns her down.

The family's neighbor Roger stops by and greets Jimmy, but as soon as they're alone he tells Jimmy he's going to kill his daughter. Jimmy beats up his neighbor and tries to seal his wife and daughter in the pantry with salt, but his wife thinks he's having another breakdown and she and their daughter run. Roger grabs the daughter and a female demon shows up. Sam and Dean come to the rescue, with Sam trying to use his demon powers and failing. They get the family into the impala and take off.

Jimmy agrees to go with the boys and tells his wife to take his daughter to safety. Just after they leave, Jimmy's possessed wife calls and tells him to come back or she'll kill his daughter. As they're walking into a trap, Jimmy yells to Castiel that he promised to keep his family safe. Jimmy and the boys go inside and Jimmy's wife shoots Jimmy and tells the other demons to kill his daughter.

Castiel finally returns but this time inside of Jimmy's daughter, taking care of several demons. Sam jumps onto one of the demons and cuts her and begins drinking demon blood while Dean and Castiel watch. The little girl Castiel tells Jimmy he can go now but Jimmy refuses to die and leave Castiel in his daughter's body. Castiel warns Jimmy that he'll never be Jimmy again, but Jimmy doesn't want his daughter to be Castiel's new body so he agrees.

Dean asks Castiel what he needed to tell him but Castiel tells him that back in heaven he learned his lesson. He serves heaven, not man, and that can't mean anything good for Dean and Sam.

Sam tells Dean to just yell at him and get it over with but Dean says he's done. They get a call from Bobby who has a demon emergency. Sam and Dean get to Bobby's and Sam asks what the demon problem is, only to be locked in the panic room because he's the demon problem.

Supernatual Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Jim Beaver, Katie Cassidy, more

Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer