While Sam and Dean pinpoint the location of the crypt, Castiel and Meg share an eerily sweet moment where she reminisces about the good ole days when the world was ending and everything was simple.  Meg then delivers the line of the night:  "We survive this I’m gonna wear some pizza and we’re gonna move some furniture around, you understand?"  Castiel actually gets it.  Our demented little angel is growing up.

Outside the crypt, Dean sidelines Sam because "he found his bloody rag in the trashcan" and he knows he hasn't been okay since the first trial.  The stubborn moose attempts to plead his case, and Castiel interjects, "You’re damaged in ways even I can’t heal.”  This is where I start wringing my hands like a nervous fangirl, wondering how Sammy's going to escape this one.  I’d naively hoped that reciting the spell after the first trial would give Sam power, not leech away his health at the “subatomic level.” 

Sam and Meg play lookouts and gossip like teenagers.  It shouldn't be adorable, especially with Sam pouting about being left out of the action, but it is in an incredibly weird way, considering these two beings have shared the same body. "Remember I spent time in that walking corpse of yours.  I know all your little thoughts and feelings."  He begrudgingly tells Meg about his "unicorn" named Amelia who made him realize that he could have a good, normal life.  Meg responds the way 99% of the fandom did to his love story gone boring:  “I laughed. I cried.  I puked in my mouth a little.”  The second she started making googly eyes at Castiel, I realized that Meg wasn't long for this world, but at least she's going to go out in a blaze of awesome zingers.  

For a place that was one of Lucifer's infamous crypts, I'm disappointed that it's mostly empty and hasn't even been booby-trapped with curses or dormant monsters.  They finally find the tablet.  Castiel can't just kill Dean and abscond with it because it's in a box warded against angels.  However, the second he opens the box, Castiel's true, darker colors are finally revealed as is Dean's skepticism.  It takes a few increasingly tense moments before Castiel, fighting with Naomi, lunges at Dean.  He blocks some of his advances with the angel tablet, but soon, Castiel regains the upper hand, crushes Dean's and is denting that gorgeous face of his.  Dean, ever the instigator, only encourages the betrayal, his face getting bloodier and more pulped with every punch (If you listen carefully, you can hear the hearts of shippers everywhere breaking between the snapping of Dean’s facial bones).  Dean actually begs, something he only does with family, a Lucifer-possessed Sam at Stull Cemetery in “Swan Song” and his father back in that cabin in “Devil’s Trap”:  "Cas, I need you, we're family."  During the entire, sickening sequence, Castiel has been fighting with Naomi, his essence seemingly trapped in heaven with Naomi while his vessel was below doing their bidding.  Dean's pleas give him the strength to pick up the angel tablet, become infused with unspoiled angelic power and break free of Naomi's mind-meld.  When he reaches out for a traumatized Dean again, it's to heal him, apologize and explain.  He knows he must protect the tablet from both Naomi and the Winchesters.  He vanishes, and I'm relieved that he's gone.  I don't blame Castiel for the double-cross, but Dean needs a break, and so does my heart.

Meanwhile, a seething Crowley arrives.  In what will be her last and most selfless act, Meg decides to battle Crowley, giving Sam the chance to escape with Dean and her beloved Castiel.  The two demons ironically battle it out with angel blades.  I know demons need a weapon, but it seems weird and unimaginative that they're using holy ones, but at least the demons are recycling.  Meg dies a horribly heroic death, but not before winging the King of Hell.  It's ironic that the demon has survived eight seasons on this show when our beloved leads have several (dozen) deaths under their belts. Godspeed, Meg!  You will always be remembered for your one-liners and your nastiness.  

Back in the Impala, it's unclear whether Dean tells Sam exactly how bad Castiel had hurt him in the crypt.  I have a feeling Sam got the abridged, G-rated version, but Dean "can't take any more lies from anyone.  Sammy, I need you to be honest with me from here on out."  Sam admitted he was just in denial about what was happening, and agrees.  "I can't carry the burden of the trials, but I can carry you," Dean offers, his determination besting his fear.  At some point in the season, Dean better follow through with this.  Sam lovingly points out that Dean just quoted "Lord Of The Rings."  The episode ends on the lowest and saddest of high notes thanks to the cheesy stylings of Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" as with Castiel boards a bus and that disappears into the (Canadian) mountains, untrackable even by Heaven's minions.  

This episode is a stellar installment that catapulted us right back into the mythology as the show prepares for the last third of the season.  I have no idea where its headed, but I am bracing for the wildest of rides.  From A to F, "Swan Song" to "Ghostfacers," this episode was an epic A+.

What did you think of this episode?  Were you surprised that Naomi knows Crowley in the biblical sense?  Will you miss Meg?  Do you think the writer of this episode, Robbie Thompson, is a genius?  What was your favorite quote from tonight's episode?  Hit up the comments section!

Next week, "Supernatural" enrolls in Hunters High!  

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