After nearly 200 episodes, the "Supernatural" masterminds are adept at tempering emotional angst with slapstick humor.  "The Purge" tried to walk that artistic tightrope, balancing the emotional angst between Sam and Dean with the humor surrounding the weekly case.  Due to the workout Yogi Sammy gave our feels, fans are bound to be sore well into the Olympic hiatus.  

Grab your yoga mat, and let’s downward dive in, shall we?

The Case

The case was fairly entertaining with a slew of colorful characters ranging from a cheating competitive eater to a sheriff with a love of donuts that rivals even Dean's. Karma may have been too harsh for the competitive eater who pocketed a hot dog into order to win an eating contest.  In a twist of irony, a phantom figure emerges from the backseat and literally drains the 316 pound down to skin and bones.  

Sam and Dean arrive in Stillwater, Minnesota to investigate.  After a few misleading clues, the boys go undercover at the posh Canyon Valley Wellness Spa.  Sam and his biceps land the job as a personal trainer.  Dean is given kitchen duty.  He glowers and gripes about doling out kale smoothies and tofu scrambles, and still manages to smolder in that friggin’ hairnet.  

Dean's obsession with food--pudding in particular--actually breaks the case.  The pudding was laced with roofies.  The patrons are dosed with spiked pudding before they undergo a procedure calling Cupping, which rids the body of toxins, which is the rave of many celebrities.  You might remember those famous pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow sporting some alarming circular bruises that made her look like she’d been attacked by a kraken.  But I'm almost positive even Gwyn wouldn't consent to having her fat sucked out by a Peruvian Fat Sucker.  That's right, the smokin’ hot Maritza is actually a parasite that feeds on the fat of her victims. And her hunky (albeit doomed) husband, Larry knows.  It's a win for everyone involved.  The clients wake up a few dress sizes smaller and Maritza gets fed and paid.  The wrench in this well-oiled machine is Martiza brother, Alfonso.  He began to feed more and more.  He got addicted, and thus sloppy.  

The fat also made him insanely strong, and having handing Sammy a wicked beatdown in another epic fight scene, Dean steps in and saves the day by cutting off the sucker's...sucker.  Martiza, who never harmed anyone and lost her entire family, must return to Peru and compete with all the other fat-sucking spas.  It’s so unfair.  I secretly hope she takes her skills to Los Angeles.  

The State of the Non-Brotherhood

While there is no further development in The Mark of Cain or the location of the First Blade, Dean is still consumed by it and for the hunt for Gadreel and Metatron.  He's not sleeping and drinking most of his meals.  In what deserves an Oscar, an Emmy and probably a Grammy in Make-Up, Dean actually manages to look like par-boiled crap.  Sam, despite his ‘we can’t be brothers’ speech last week, immediately shows concern about Dean's insomnia and when he finds him half-conscious in the basement at the spa.  The brothers manage to work the case with little friction.  And it's Sam who gets to wear the shorts and muscle tee while he fakes his way through teaching a yoga class with scraps of knowledge he too gained from dating a "bendy" babe.  Sam has shoulders and legs!  Who knew?!   It’s a shame that a show with some of the hottest actors keeps them swaddled in layers of clothing like Victorian dames.