Last week's episode of "Superantural" may have been the premiere, but this week's episode, "Devil May Care," was the true kickstarter of season 9.  With fallen angels and Abaddon rising out of the ashes like the fiercest of phoenixes to contend with on top of everything "demony and monstery," it's going to be a busy year indeed.  

Let's dive in, shall we?   

Since they didn't close the gates of hell, Sam and Dean have to rid the world of demons the hard way: one by one.  They haul Crowley into their handy dungeon (much to Kevin's dismay) and prepare to holy waterboard the names of every demon possessing humans out of him.  Knowing demons, especially ones as theatrical as Crowley, Sam and Dean don't whip out the weapons, but let Crowley stew in his own "delicious juices."  If a demon monologues in an empty dungeon, does it still snark?  

While Crowley seems to be plagued by his near cure, Sam and Dean work a case involving long-dead meatsuits found on a city bus and three missing naval officers.  Winchesters assemble!  Who needs “NCIS” when you have Agents Stark and Banner on the case?   After Kevin Solo uses some of his mad hacker skillz to blackmail clearance from the officer barring Sam and Dean from the scene, they quickly discover out that Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) has orchestrated this current nightmare.  Our favorite knight of hell has been torturing hunters, with nooses not fists, for information about the Winchesters.  She grabs two hunters and holds them in a town abandoned from an earlier chemical spill as bait for Sam and Dean.  Cover the goods, everyone, the Winchesters are going in.  

The rescue is arguably too easy, especially since Abaddon has demons in superpowered vessels carrying assault weapons. They give the Winchesters enough time to rescue a hot and angry hunter named Tracy and and her mentor Irv, formulate a plan and split up into teams.  It feels extremely unnecessary that Olivia is near-violent towards Sam because a demon murdered her parents as a way to celebrate Lucifer’s freedom all thanks to “some dumb kid" who set him free.  When did this become public knowledge in the hunting world?  It would have been an interesting twist a few years ago, but it feels like the writers pushed this particular angst button for no discernible reason...unless Tracy will pop back up during this season.  Still her tragedy-drenched past wasn't needed, because minutes later poor Irv, who broke under Abaddon’s torture, is killed, Sam get bumrushed by three demon-possessed memebers of SEAL Team Douche and Abaddon takes Dean down faster than Homer Simpson can devour a donut.