For her first outing as this season's Big Bad, Abaddon pulls no punches.  "You’re the perfect vessel, Dean.  You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.  Play hard to get and I'll peel off this No Demons Allowed tattoo and blow smoke up your ass.  Once I'm on top I'll make you watch, and I'll use your body," she threatens while nearly breaking Dean's wrist.  I generally don't ship the Winchesters with anyone because they always die horrifically, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t captivated by Abaddon and Dean's scenes together.  There is incendiary chemistry between Huffman and Jensen Ackles, and she slays as a demon who wants to "liberate" hell.  

Dean looks to be well and truly screwed.  If only they had an angel up Sam's sleeve.  When Sam is knocked unconscious, one of the SEALs remarks that he thought the Winchesters would be tougher, and Sam's eyes open, glowing blue.  He stands, hums with light, revealing a shadow of Ezekiel's wings.  They aren't as magnificent as Castiel's.  They're spindly and molting feathers—a brilliant metaphor for Ezekiel's damaged grace.  But even an injured angel trumps demon, and Ezekiel vanquishes them with an divine blast.  It's enough to make Abaddon flee.

Dean finds Ezekiel slitting the throats of the already dead demons with the knife to make sure Dean can cover for their deaths when Sam wakes up.  He also reassures a troubled Dean, "I was protecting your brother.  I thought that's what you wanted."  Anyone who wants to protect the Winchesters is after my own heart.

"I was the one who talked Sam out of boarding up hell.  Every kill that they make, you're looking at the person who let it happen," Dean confesses.  Apparently Tracy's hatred of Sam illustrated for Dean how not closing the gates of hell allowed the demons to wreak havoc on others, and the impact it would have. 

"I am in Sam's head.  Everything he knows I know, and I know that everything you did, you did out of love.  It is why I said yes," he admits, warming my heart.  "Dean Winchester, you did the right thing."  

Zeke says the right things to comfort Dean, and while I'm growing fond of the angel riding Sam's coattails, I still don't trust him, especially when he’s digging around in Sam’s head.  However, the pep talk works for Dean, who's conveniently clutching the bloody knife when Sam wakes up, boasting how awesome he is.   

I will not speak of the fact that Dean let bitchy Tracy drive the Impala.  I can't remember anyone else besides Sam and Bobby driving the car, and that's how it will stay.  The trio head out for "burgers and silkwood showers."  I guess the "ice cream and strippers" come later.   

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