Finally, after phone calls with Bobby helping the boys from his home, we got a Bobby-centric episode. Dean and Sam discovered a witch was playing a poker game that allowed players to win back years of their lives. In the teaser, a man lost and ended up dying of old age. The boys find another man, but he won and was turned a lot younger. After the boys called Bobby, he turned up at the game before them. Unsurprisingly, Bobby decided to play and lost.

After losing years, Bobby went back to the game and Dean followed him. Dean immediately gave up 25 years of his life for Bobby, and lost the rest of his hand soon after. When Sam got back to the motel, he found a senior citizen aged Dean. Sam and Dean tried to steal the poker chips, but the witch and his girlfriend told them it's not the chips that are the magic. At another dead end, Bobby volunteered to play again because he wanted to die. He admitted to the boys that he didn't want to live and be forced to watch the apocalypse happen and everyone around him die while he sat in a wheelchair.

Randomly, the female witch girlfriend showed up and gave them a spell to help them reverse the other witch's magic. She admitted to her boyfriend that she was ready to die, and made him play her so she could do so. Sam decided to play poker with the male witch while Dean and Bobby gathered the ingredients, leading to old Dean whining while he dug up a grave. Bobby's comment about jumping in there to help him was priceless. Sam put all of his chips into the next hand and won, putting Dean and Bobby back to normal. Well, Bobby is still in a wheelchair.

Bobby might not feel like his life means anything, but Dean admitted that he couldn't do this without him. Dean felt like he'd helped, but alone, Bobby's opinion still seemed unchanged. This episode was one of the weaker ones of the season so far, but at least it addressed Bobby's injury in a lingering way.

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Next Week, Sam and Dean run into the trickster again and get stuck jumping from one television show to the next.

Episode Grade: C

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer