Dean is oddly gung ho, and in mothering mode, “I’m nesting.”  And it’s an adorable moment as Ackles’ is expecting his first child.  He runs out to get Kevin some real food and some uppers.  “We are on the one yard line, it’s time to play through the pain,” Dean tells a worried Sam.  As soon as he handed Kevin enough pills to drop and revive an elephant, I’m wondering if he’ll make it through episode 20. 

Sam tracked ten-year old demonic omens to Shosone, Idaho, specifically, to the Cassity’s, “small-time farmers” who found black gold on land where there never any geological markers of oil.  They head to the ranch, and take jobs as ranch hands to spy on the family, so they can intercept the hellhound coming to collect souls.  Their boss, of course, is Ellie, an exotically, beautiful woman who looks like she should be on the ranch for a cover shoot, not to muck out stables.

The Winchesters spend five minutes griping about shoveling manure before Alice Cassity’s husband gets mauled by a mysterious creature. The authorities blame the death on wolves they were introducing to the land.  Case closed?  Dean thinks so. 

Sam finds Mrs. Cassity eerily brushing a horse in the stables, looking mighty composed for a widow of thirty minutes.  Alice knew Carl for her entire life, and there was never even a flicker of spark between them.  In fact, she used to make fun of him.  On Valentine’s Day 2003, she ran into him at a party, “and it was like…magic.  Carl and I were happy for 10 years.  Now he’s dead and I’m not sad, angry.  I’m just fine.”

Sam wants to stay because all of the Cassity’s are flying in for Carl’s funeral, and they can find out more about the family.  But Dean’s already gathering the ingredients to summon a hellhound.  Dean’s overzealousness has festered into all out recklessness, and I’m definitely concerned.  It’s obvious that Sam is too.  “Except when Crowley finds out we’re dialing up a hellhound he won’t send one.  He’ll send 100,” Sam snaps.  A trigger-happy Dean gives Sam two days to investigate.

The Cassity’s are Idaho’s version of the Ewings from “Dallas,” old and new.  The father is a 71-year-old billionaire on his fifth marriage to a model 51 years his junior.  Cindy, the middle daughter, is an alcoholic country singer, for dogs.  The youngest is Margie, a sweater-wearing wallflower who lives in Paris.  I’m thrilled to see that Tamara Braun is playing Cindy with sassy vitriol finessed on years as Carly Corinthos on “General Hospital” in the early 2000s.  The rest of the family, save for angelic Margie, can dish it out too, just like the Quartermaines: “Get cancer and die, old man,” Cindy snips.  “You first, sweetie.”  Dad fires back.  And Sam thought hunting was scary. 

It takes the family two minutes before the family glosses over the night they had dinner with a British traveling salesman named…say it with me, folks, CROWLEY!  I’m not quite sure why they think it was more than one Cassity, since it’s obvious Carl made the deal for Alice, but I don’t care.

Kevin calls with vague lore about how to make hellhounds visible: “the dire creatures may be seen only by the damned or through an object scorched by holy fire.”  Dean darts off to make Supernatural X-Ray specs while Sam heads back to soak up more dysfunctional family bonding.  Of course, the finds Daddy Cassity and Margie drunkenly stumbling into the woods with rifles, aiming to kill the “wolf” that offed Carl.  Sam offers to go with them.  “You know anything about hunting, boy?”  Daddy slurs.  It takes about three minutes for a hellhound to eviscerate poor Margie. 

Dean is trying out his hipster chic decoder glasses when Ellie approaches him, and says he looks like Clark Kent, and then she basically says, “I want to have sex with you” because she’s “feeling her oats.”  Dean is stunned by her brashness and probably cursing the cruel timing.  Like “Dreamgirls’” Effie White, Ellie’s offer is for one night only.  I’m actually a little disappointed for Dean.  He’s been topside for more than six months and hasn’t done more than eye-flirted with a goth chick. 

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