You can keep the overpriced roses and forego the horrendous Nicholas Sparks’ movie, because there’s not much more I’d want to do than spend time with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ Sam and Dean Winchester on Valentine’s Day. 

“Trial And Error” was the triumphant return to what “Supernatural” ultimately is: an addicting rollercoaster ride that starts campy, peaks at heart-wrenching and finishes with a little mystery and a lot of feels.   It’s a ride I’ve been on for nearly seven years, and it never gets old.  The CW has wisely renewed the show for a remarkable ninth season, so I’m all but guaranteed another 30+ spins on the “Supernatural Go ‘Round.” 

Let’s dive in, shall we?! 

Fortunately for all the hapless would-be victims, there’s no cringe-worthy death in the cold open.  In fact, there’s a montage of Kevin Tran’s (Osric Chau) grim existence consisting of early mornings, fried hot dogs, early mornings and staring at a magical rock that gives him migraines.  He’s pushing himself to the beyond the brink, and as sympathetic as I am, it’s what you’d hope someone would do if they were entrusted with saving the world.  Kevin later tells Sam that he just wants his life back.  “I can’t leave because every demon on the planet wants to peel my face off.  I need this to be over.”  Sam advises, “This ‘whole saving the world’ thing is a marathon, not a sprint.” 

Back in the Batcave, Dean is making me a little weepy as he decorates his room with shotguns, records and a picture of his mother.  This is the first time since he was a toddler than he has his own room and he’s downright giddy.  He bounces on his bed.  “Memory foam.  It remembers me!” 

Ever the little brother, Sam immediately destroys the moment by dropping candy wrappers on the floor. 

Now that they have a kitchen, Dean cooks.  Out all of all of the wonderful touches in this episode—the chick-flick moments, the soapyness and the gore— it delights me most that Dean bought brioche buns for his hamburgers.  This diehard foodie knows her breads, y’all.  Of course, just as they tuck into their burgers, Kevin calls, disoriented, asking Dean to come. 

To say that our resident prophet is a mess is like saying Lady Gaga is slightly strange.  Sam and Dean have probably seen better looking and smelling corpses.  “I’ve been getting bad headaches and I think I had a small stroke, but it was worth it.  I figured out how to close the gates of hell.” 

The Winchesters finally have something actionable.  This is, of course, a quest ordained by God, and it is the furthest thing from straight-forward.  “Basically God built a series of tests, and when you’ve done all three you can slam the gates.”  Kevin has only been able to decipher one of the quests: “You gotta kill a hound of hell and bathe in its blood.” 

Dean himself was killed by a hellhound in the resonating “No Rest For The Wicked.”  Naturally, Sam and Dean should harbor some hesitation when it comes to killing the invisible guard dogs of hell.  “Awesome!” he grins.