This episode of Supernatural was much lighter than the Winchesters' recent trip to a mental hospital. The episode opened with Sam getting hit on and responding even more awkwardly. The writers of this episdoe didnt waste anytime in making sure the audience realized that Sam was not himself. Sam and a nerd named Gary switched bodies as a result of a spell that Gary had found. While the viewers wtached Sam go through the everyday nightmares of being a teenager, Gary took on a case with Dean.

Gary managed to fool Dean long enough to get a gun pulled on him, about the same time that Sam was kidnapped by Gary's friends. Sam and Dean learned that Gary and his friends had learned about everyone in hell being after the brothers and watned to collect the reward. Gary's friend Nora got possessed by a demon and killed his friend Trevor. Gary did manage to help Dean exorcise the demon from Nora. While Sam and Dean managed to escape from the demon and lecture Gary on the evils of witchcraft, the episode still felt forced.

The main point the episode managed to drive home was that Sam and Dean can't seem to help growing farther apart. A few seasons ago, Dean would have known something was wrong with Gary/Sam in the first hour. The episode had plenty of entertaining moments, as Sam tried to learn how to talk to his "parents" and Gary apparently lost his virginity to an older woman.

Next week, Sam and Dean return to the apocalypse, with Castiel showing up as the angel Anna travels back in time to kill John and Mary Winchester.

Episode Grade: C

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer