In last night's episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean pretended to be patients in a mental hospital to help an old friend of their dad's. The episode veered away from the apocalypse theme of the majority of this season, with the brothers talking about Lucifer and what happened in the last episode but not really dealing with the consequences.

In this traditional case episode, Sam and Dean concentrated on finding the monster of the week, a wraith responsible for killing mental patients. The wraith was eating their brains before making their deaths look like suicide. The wraith also had the ability to drive people crazy with once touch. It turned out the wraith was the nurse that gave Sam and Dean their exams upon entering the hospital, so they were already having hallucinations before they realized what they were hunting. Dean managed to kill the wraith, although it did force both brothers to reexamine past issues in the process.

Dean was reminded by another supernatural creature of the week how much weight he has on his shoulders with his saving the planet from the end of days plan. After Sam wrongfully attacked one doctor, he had to listen to the doctor accusations about him being the real monster. Sam as been struggling with his guilt for letting Lucifer into the world since the start of this season. He tried to talk to Dean about the same anger that the wraith pointed out but Dean refused to listen. Dean reminded Sam that this is the way they've always coped, by burying their issues and focusing on the present. This episode didn't address Jo and Ellen's death aside from mentioning it in passing. The biggest issue this episode had is that it was hard to see why the Winchesters would take on such a basic monster of the week when they're supposed to be figuring out how to take down Lucifer. Still, the monster of the week theme has almost always worked for Supernatural, and that wasn't all that different in last night's episode, either.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer