It was bound to happen sometime.  After a streak of mostly stellar or at least good episodes that began in the middle of season 8, "Supernatural" finally delivered an installment that was more filler than phenomenal. "Heaven Can't Wait" was a woefully unbloody episode that even Castiel’s lullabies and Abaddon's fabulousness couldn't save.  

Grab your poncho and let's dive in shall we?

The cold open is a lesson in "Supernatural's" trademark dark humor. After a suicidal man bravely decides not to blow his brains out, he mysteriously blows up, streaking the cabin with a horrendous hue of pink mist that makes me think of the epic "Grey's Anatomy" monologue waaaay back in season 2 when there was a bomb in a body cavity.  Would it have killed them to find a shade that was more realistic and less day glow?  Who cares though, because Castiel or erm, Steve not only still alive, but thriving.  He's got a handle on his humanity thing with a job and everything.  He is also the only Sales Associates in Gas-N-Sip history who isn't contemplating suicide.  However, a string of eerie disappearances leads the "hunter-in-training" to call his BFF, Dean.  

And it's not a minute too soon as it saves him from getting all down and dirty with an encyclopedia of dead languages.  Kevin, having recovered from his psychotic break and bender, has returned to his prophetly duties and is trying to translate the angel tablet, except it's more complicated than trying to follow The Pirates of The Caribbean movies.  The only progress so far is that he made it less impossible by translating its contents from one super-dead language to another.  He did make out two words from the footnotes: falling angels.  Sam reasons, "Maybe if we can decipher the footnotes then we can..."  "put those winged dicks back to heaven," Dean finishes.  

With Sam getting his geek on, Dean heads to Idaho to investigate something that's "barely a case."  I wonder what Dean told Castiel when he evicted him from the bunker in “I’m No Angel,” and if Dean wants to make sure Sam, and Zeke by default, rests and recharges as well as stays away from Castiel.  As always, the non-case is a very real one with four victims down.  The only common thread between them is that they were all in varied forms of complete emotional devastation just before they were vaporized.  

It's perverse to say but I enjoy seeing the non-beautiful sides of Dean Winchester.  For all intents and purposes, he is a master of deception, manipulation and violence, thus he almost always get what he wants, especially when he wants is to not be alone.  Dean wants to work the case with Castiel who went from "fighting heavenly battles to nuking taquitos."  "I failed at being an angel.  Everything I ever attempted went wrong.  Here at least I have a shot of getting things right.  I guess you can't see it, but there's a real dignity to what I do, a human dignity," Castiel explains right before Nora tells him he needs to clean up a disgusting mess in the men’s room.  After surviving homelessness, and fighting for his life, Castiel is proud of how far he's come.  He's a got a job, a place to sleep and a date with his annoying boss that night.

It's mighty convenient that Castiel was free accompany Dean to the newest crime scene because he cracks the case wide open.  After seeing the oh-so-realistic pink spray, he freaks the hell out.  You see, in Heaven, there were faction of angels who were basically field medics during divine wars.  It also was their job to kill the mortally wounded.  “It was their special ability, they had a way of smiting that was so quick and so total, it was virtually painless," Castiel explains.  "They hone in on pain, it's like a beacon to them.  He's continuing his heavenly work, one suffering victims at a time.  The ebb and flow of human emotions...I've only begun to grasp it.  To him, pain is pain."  Powerless, Castiel leaves Dean to stop the angel.  It's now I wonder why no one has tried taking another angel's grace and giving it to Castiel to restore his powers.  It's also when I start missing the demons.  They are so much more fun than self-righteous angels.