Sam and Dean have encountered many dastardly demons and douchebags during their hunting escapades, but none have been more irksome than The Ghostfacers.  In last night's episode of "Supernatural” called “Thinman,”  the duo resurfaced after six years with their usual shenanigans and a surprising amount of angst.  

Before we dive in, I must confess that I have held a grudge against the Ghostfacers for years.  I enjoyed their episode way back in season 1’s “Hell House” however when they returned in season 3, it was the first episode back after the writers' strike forced all shows to go dark mid-season.  Dean's life was on the line and the Ghostfacers straight up plot-blocked us all.  "Thinman" is yet another episode with no movement on the First Blade and the Mark of Cain arc, and it feels like very unpleasant deja vu.  But I will watch this episode as objectively as I can.    

Grab your ninja outfit and let's dive in, shall we?  

In the cold open, a young girl was brutally killed in her closet after a duckfaced selfie fest that showed an eerie faceless man hovering over her shoulder.  When the non-brothers go to investigate, they run into a desperate mother who seems to be more worried about her ruined carpet than her daughter's death though she tearfully praises the "Supernaturalists" for investigating the murder.  The Winchesters’ reunion with the Ghostfacers is as warm as dry ice.  Sam looms and glowers and Dean makes with the mockery and the threats:  "You two clowns are going to get into that mystery machine outside and leave town or I'm going to put holes in your knees.  When the guys stall and hold their ground, Dean continues:  "I will shoot you....bitches."  

"That's 50 Shades of Way Too Much Protein," Harry grouses and I actually chuckled.  Have I been Ghostfaced?  

Like in the "Supernatural" days of yore, the case was a bit of a noggin-scratcher.  It feels like season 2 again when Sam and Dean argue over what kind of monster it might be.  Sam thinks it’s a Thinman or a crossroads demon; Dean thinks it’s a ghost.  The lore is no help.  I just need Sam to say "It's not our kind of thing, Dean," so I can giggle in fangirl glee.  

The owner of the local diner is Victim #2, and the video of his death is mysteriously posted online and goes viral within hours.  It's almost like the demon wants the attention, which is not a motivation common to the paranormal but to lonely humans.  

Dean takes a moment to imagine what video of Sam and Dean would go viral: a 5-year-old Sammy in a Batman costume jumping off the shed and breaking his arm.  Sam only jumped because a Dean, dressed as Superman, did.  Dean had to give Sam a ride to the hospital on his handlebars.  Talk about being punched in the feels.  This story in which Sam and Dean have costumes, a shed and a bike flies in the face of a lot of canon, but I can overlook it because it's so adorable and it's lovely to see the brothers laughing again.  On second viewing, it seems that Dean purposely brought this up to remind Sam of happier times and gauge how angry Sam still is.  The moment happens, which is big, but it ends quickly, which is sad.