The rabbi then walks into a bar, leaves a voicemail, and spontaneously combusts.  And no, that's not a joke.

Two weeks later, Dean returns from a trip to visit Kevin and Garth, and Sam shares his discoveries: the Men of Letters recorded information about The Judah Initiative were “hardcore saboteurs” of the war, and a former member was recently killed by fire that seemed to “attack him.”  Ever the geek, Sam dawns his best sweater vest to head the library where the Rabbi was last seen.  Meanwhile, Dean talks to the witnesses of the poor Isaac’s death.  He manages to corner the hottest airheads in the bar, who say witnessing that Isaac’s death was like “watching the most awful movie of the most terrible thing you could possibly see.” 

A flustered Dean is an adorable and hilarious Dean, so when he unknowingly engages in some “eye-magic” with another man, the hunter is clearly caught off-guard.  He stutters and mumbles his way out of the encounter.  It seems odd that Dean’s still freaked out when a man hits on him.  With that face, it should happen daily. 

When Dean touches base with Sam, he uses code to tell him that he’s being followed.  Sam calmly plays the hapless victim, luring his tail to a safe and vacant parking lot while Dean doubles back to get the drop on him.  Except in this case, the him is an It.  It takes about thirty-two seconds for this creature to uncurl itself to its full height.  It’s rare to see stupefying fear on a Winchester’s face, but it suits Dean’s face just fine as does the scream that tears from his throat as he’s tossed like a sack of laundry across the parking lot.  His baby takes one for the team and breaks his fall.  Sam leaps for the truck armory, but even a trusty machete is no match for the giant killing machine that manages to dwarf our favorite moose.  While Dean writhes on the ground, humorously groaning “ow, my spleen,” the man who had flirted with Dean emerges and calls off the monster lest it choke Sam to death. 

The monster is a Golem, and they are “shaped from clay and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of…crappiness,” Aaron, Isaac’s grandson, explains.  He inherited the Golem, but he doesn’t quite know what to do with it.  The Golem is played by actor John DeSantis ("The New Addams Family").  I suspect he’s wearing some kind of muscle suit to provide the bulk, but he is reportedly 6’9” and his voice apparently was not altered.  DeSantis is more than just a ginormous dude yanked off the stree to wooden growl out dialogue; there’s real acting chops under that prosthetic bulk.  The production crew, who have been kicked ass all season, got a little lax with the staging and camera tricks that are supposed to make DeSantis appear like Goliath's big brother, but this is a tall order considering Jared Padalecki is at least 6’5” and Jensen Ackles is only a few inches shorter.

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