The episode ended with Sam and Dean huddled in Rufus’s cabin, finally admitting just how complex things had gotten with the hunt and with each other and freaking out about Castiel's odd behavior.  Dean had learned from seeing Prophet Kevin so blindly focused on his work and shutting out his mother and the outside world that he had to enjoy the very thing he was trying to save.  Sam realized that he couldn’t keep straddling two worlds because the distraction would get him or someone else killed. 

In the end, Sam and Dean choose Sam and Dean.  The eldest Winchester cut ties with Benny (who’d been twitchily struggling his blood addiction and called Dean’s help like an alcoholic phoning his sponsor).  Sam had made a "Sleepless In Seattle" promise to meet Amelia at their motel room in Kermit two days after reuniting for a tryst, and he just never showed, leaving her standing in the room alone like a forlorn, brunette Meg Ryan who will go on to live unhappily ever after. 

It was oddly touching and a little sad to watch two grown men make even more concessions for The Greater Good.  Sam and Dean are always stronger together, but I always wish they could have their own separate happiness outside of each other and the hunt.  Ultimately, there was little I didn’t like about this episode.  It was a good catalyst for the rest of the season, which looks like it’ll be an angel vs. demon vs. deathrace with the Winchesters trapped somewhere in the middle, together.  From A to F, “Mystery Spot” to “Ghostfacers,” this episode was a star-crossed A-.  Now excuse me while I go dive into a pint of ice cream and listen to Sarah McLachlin.

What did you think of the episode?  How much were you done with Amelia when she admitted to hating motels?  Do you think you’ve seen the last of Benny?  How heartbreaking was Castiel?  Hit up the comments section!  

Tune in next week when the Winchesters go LARPing and reunite with Felicia Day! 

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