Last night's episode of Supernatural featured another revisit from their old enemy the trickster. Instead of seeing the trap that was obviously coming, the boys investigated the case of man with anger issues being killed by the television series version of the Incredible Hulk. After a police call for backup came from a warehouse, Sam and Dean sharpened their stakes and walked right into a trap.

The boys stepped through the warehouse doors and into the imaginary television series Dr Sexy M.D., a hospital drama that Dean had more than a casual viewer's attachment to. The trickster disguised himself as the title show character and revealed his strategy. If the boys survived the roles he put them in, he agreed to talk to them about the apocalypse. They went through a sitcom complete with a theme song, crime procedural, a Japanese game show and a Knight Rider spin-off that turned Sam into the Impala. The brothers managed to trap the trickster by pretending to go along with what he had to say. Dean figured out that the trickster was an angel, because of how involved he got while talking about Lucifer and Michael. The trickster said he was the angel Gabriel and told the boys again that they were born to be the vessels they were chosen for.

The episode was one of the weaker episodes of this season, making for two in a row. In his past appearances, the trickster had been so good at covering his tracks with the boys that it seemed unreasonable for them to trap him in an angel trap. With all of the time the boys have been spending with Castiel, it seemed like he would have been more prepared for them to figure out what he really was.

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The episode seemed designed to prove that everyone in the Winchester's world believes they're going to be the vessels for Michael and Lucifer, even their enemies.

Episode Grade: C

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer