"Supernatural" has never been a show about love, relationships and dating. When you're handpicked to fight an ever-worsening war between good and evil, your love life has to take a back seat.  "Rock And A Hard Place" touches upon the giant elephant in the room by re-virginizing and then de-flowering Dean Winchester who was in desperate need for some action (and on his third virginity).  

Grab your chastity belts, and let's dive in, shall we?

The Case
Sheriff Jody Mills has returned with fabulous new haircut and a case for the boys.  Four members of a church group have gone missing, all in a tornado of blue fiery light.  Sam and Dean quickly head to the Sioux Falls church to join the support group the victims were members of, which happens to be for (reformed) virgins.  Game for anything, the boys "unring that bell" by signing a chastity pledge and saying a prayer.  Dean, who used to be quite the playa back in the day, seems to morph into Barney Stinson, and you can almost here the "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."  In group, he not only titillates all of the members by talking about the dirty sins of coitus, he goes to an after group counseling session with Suzy, who used to be one of his favorite porn stars but is now rehymenated too.  Unbeknownst to Dean, the monster of this week is the group's leader, Vesta, the Roman Goddess of Home and Hearth, and she's been abducting the group's sinners.  Dean and his porn star soon join the other victims in a dark bunker near a trainyard.  

Sam and Jody come to their rescue...sort of.  It's good to see that Jody's bloody encounter with Crowley in the season 8 finale hasn't damped her badassness one bit.  When they need the blood of a true virgin, she clocks the irksome "group poet" in the face to the blood from her nose.  When Sam is manhandled by Vesta (Lindy Booth), she takes a beating, gets stabbed and impaled and eventually offs Vesta with the stick that was once sticking out her shoulder, saving Sam in the process.  But she doesn't kill her before Vesta can poke the evil neon blue finger into Sam's liver and realize that it's all wrong.  She hovers over him, disgusted and almost pitying.  "Dear boy, you're duct tape and safety pins inside?  How are you even alive?"  Um, gulp.