This episode of Supernatural was marked as the last new episode of the year and it didn't disappoint. Sam and Dean faced off for the devil with help from Jo and Ellen, a decision that had less than surprising consequences. Castiel helped Sam and Dean find the demon Crowley, who gave the brothers the colt after asking them to kill Lucifer when they found him. The brothers might have been surprised by Crowley's actions, but it made sense. This show has made a point of showing that the demons are always willing to change allegiances when it best suits them to.

Facing possibly last night on earth at Bobby's, Dean made a pass at Jo, but she turned him down out of self-respect for herself. Bobby took a picture of the group, because both he and Castiel were convinced that they were all going to die. Sam, Dean, Castiel and the Harvelle women tracked the devil to a town named Carthage. When they got there, Castiel realized the town was full of reapers and went off on his own. He winded up being trapped and tempted by the devil but he refused.

The other four ran into Meg who had a few hellhounds with her. Jo managed to shoot at one to save Dean but ended up getting critically injured herself. They managed to barricade themselves into a store and call Bobby. Bobby realized Lucifer was raising another horseman of the apocalypse. Jo reminded everyone she was dying and agreed to stay back and take a few hellhounds with her. Ellen stayed with her to let the hellhounds into the store, and Dean and Jo shared a kiss before he left. Ellen held Jo until she died, and waited until the hellhounds were all of the way in the store before blowing it up.

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Dean and Sam found Lucifer, but were unable to kill him with the colt. As for Cas, he managed to escape from the trap. Lucifer tried again to explain to Sam how alike they are, before completing the ritual and bringing Death to Earth. The brothers made it back to Bobby's in time to hear tornados had taken out all of Missouri. A somber Bobby tossed the group photo into the fireplace, effectively bringing an end to the first half of the season.

As a viewer, it had always seemed like Jo or Ellen would die before the series' ended but the real surprise was watching them die together.

Episode Grade: B

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer