Dean, or Bizarro Dean wakes up and heads to work in a suit and tie. He listens to National Public Radio. He's Dean Smith, who eats salads for lunch and worries about dieting. This Dean gets into the elevator later and Bizarro Sam says he looks familiar. Dean Smith thinks he's flirting with him.

Sam, or Sam Wesson, works in tech support in the same company. Sam has a slacker friend Ian who asks about Sam's dreams. This Sam's latest dream includes him saving Tessa, or the episode two weeks ago. Ian laughs as if this is all based on Sam playing too many video games. Sam falls asleep at his desk and sees, among other things, the real Dean behead a vampire back in season two.

Later Sam and Dean are in the elevator and Sam asks Dean what he thinks of ghosts. This Dean tells Sam he overshares. One of the guys in tech support, Paul, spends all night at work and freaks out when he loses all his files. Possessed Paul shoves his head in a microwave. Sam watches Paul be carried out of the office. Sam's slacker friend Ian is now acting as work obsessed as Paul did.

Dean calls Ian to his office and Ian freaks out about a form. Ian runs to the bathroom and stabs himself in the neck with a pencil. Dean sees a ghost in the mirror. Dean calls Sam to his office and Sam tells Dean both men received emails to go to the HR department in room 1444. Another guy is on his way to HR and the TV starts acting weird when he gets there. Sam breaks in and the ghost throws Sam and Dean around. Dean hits the ghost before he can do the mind thing on another guy.

Back at this Dean's apartment, Sam and Dean are freaked out by how natural dealing with the ghost came to them. Dean suggests they research and calls Sam "Sammy." Dean finds the Ghostfacers' website, but this Dean doesn't remember them and thinks this is a legitimate website. The ghostfacers tell them to find out their enemy and the boys find out the ghost used to work at their company. Then the ghostfacers tell them how to kill their ghost, using a lot of the "Winchester Douchebags" methods.

They head back to the office and Sam gets stuck in an elevator with the security guard. The Security guard pries the doors apart and climbs out, but Sam refuses to. The security guard then leans back in and gets cut in half. Sam and Dean re-team and find one of the ghosts' gloves in a display. The ghost reappears before they can set the glove on fire and they try to fight the ghost off. Before the ghost can possess Dean, Sam burns the glove.

Later, this version of Sam tries to convince Dean that they should leave their jobs and basically live the life that we're used to seeing them in. Sam points out the holes in their fake lives and Dean tells him to leave.

At work the next day, Sam's phone rings. He stands up and smashes his phone before quitting. Dean is getting praises and a promotion but he quits instead. It turns out Dean's boss is really Castiel's boss and an angel named Zachariah. Zachariah set up the new Sam and Dean lives to show Dean that he is ready to fight the apocalypse because being a hunter is who he is. He was tired of Dean trying to get out of this work. Next week, it's back to the fight for the boys.

Supernatual Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Jim Beaver, Katie Cassidy, more

Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer