If I had to describe one word to showrunner's Jeremy Carver's season of The CW's "Supernatural," it would be ambitious.  If I had to do the same with the season finale, it would be spectacular.  From writing to acting to dazzling special effects, "Sacrifice” was as grand and cinematic as the blockbusters that will fill the cineplex this summer.   

Grab your Xanax, and let's dive in, shall we?  

Crowley is still making good on his diabolical promise to slaughter every person the Winchesters ever saved, and after offing Sarah Blake, a favorite of Sammy’s and fans alike, Crowley has the spitfire Sheriff Mills in his sights.  Although in this scene, she's flaunting an unfortunate haircut (wig?) but a pretty hot dress as she meets a blind date for dinner.  Of course, it's Crowley gettin' his flirt on just long enough to slip a hexbag into her purse and cop a feel or two.  In the ladies' room, Jodi is in full rom-com mode, convincing herself that she deserves such an accomplished charmer like the King Of Hell…and then she begins to hork up a gallon of blood. 

As our beloved and neglected Jodi (who was barely mentioned after last season's appearance in season 7’s "Time After Time") writhes on the floor, Dean calls to grouchily surrender, provided that Crowley forfeits the angel rock.  His rationale:  "You’re a douchebag and no douchebag should have that much power." Preach, Dean.  

Last week, Sam was rightfully shaken by Sarah’s death and listening to Crowley sermonize about his unstoppable evil.  At the end of the episode, it seemed if our darling Sammy was unwilling to sacrifice the lives of the hundreds of people they'd saved for the chance to possibly save many more.  Sam and Dean bicker heatedly as they meet Crowley in Bobby's old and overgrown scrap yard for the exchange.  It's a gut-wrenching reminder of just how long Bobby's been gone.  

Traditionally, a face-off between archenemies always goes always goes horribly wrong.  Fortunately for Team Freewill, Crowley is on the receiving end of the double-cross.  Dean slaps Crowley in a pair of "dee-monic handcuffs” on him, rendering him powerless.  “No flicking, no teleporting, no smoking out and no smokin' out. NO DEAL!  That means you're pretty much our bitch," Dean barks.  There are 31 flavors of Winchester, and Badass is the most delicious...and gratifying.  "You're the third trial, Crowley," Sam announces.  That’s right, the Winchesters are going to cure him.  Is it weird that I'm not sure I want them to?    

They haul Crowley to an abandoned church that sits alone in the majestic wilds of South Dakota.  Curing a demon is apparently a simple DIY undertaking, thanks to Father Thompson's notes and tapes.  They must inject Crowley every hour for eight hours with Sam's blood, purified by confession, before conducting the final exorcism to scrub his humanity. Dean awkwardly jokes to relieve the tension, rattling off Sammy's greatest hits as suggestions for his confession:  "Ruby...killing Lillith, letting Lucifer out, losing your soul, not looking for me when I was in Purgatory..." Dean has always cut tension with sharp-edged humor.  Something tells me that this one cut a little too deep.