With only one more episode left before the season finale, "Supernatural" offered flashes of mayhem before the storm hits with next week's finale.  "Stairway To Heaven" focused on the ugly decisions that must be made in times of war, and thanks to a side of sizzling, uber-violent Dean, angelic suicide bombers, and a dozen one-liners, it made for an entertaining albeit frustrating hour of television.  

Grab a giant ice cream sundae, and let's dive in, shall we?  


Throughout the episode, each side of the angel-angel-human conflict somehow states that they're doing what they must, whether it be right or wrong, extreme or not.  Excample:  an angelic suicide bomber blows up Colonel Scoops in the name of Castiel.  After Tyrus, wearing a Team Saints blowing shirt, declares his love of free will and its smell, which is akin to "feet and alcoholism," Constantine lights his own fuse.  Like a good angelic enforcer, Gadreel protects him.  Later, Metatron waxes villainously about how he was just "flipping the script" and doing what was necessary to turn the tide against Castiel, and recruiting more angels for his elitist, one-percenter Heaven.  Gadreel seemed horrified that Metatron would brainwash angels he personally plucked to kill in Castiel's name.  "What I did, good or not, it was necessary."  Thanks to the death of a few angels and a dozen or so people, Castiel lost his Commander stripes and Metatron has gained Tyrus' faction of angels and is #WINNING.  Or is he?  


While Sam might have mastered the bitchface and puppy eyes, Gadreel could teach a class on the "I'm 100% Done With Your Crap" expression.  Tahmoh Penikett made the interesting choice to play Gadreel/Ezekiel like a Shakespearian actor stuck in the body of a metalhead.  He has never fit into Metatron's hinky, diabolical world.  And now more than ever he seems out of place in his vessel and alliances.  Once he's seen just how far Metatron will go, forcing not only him to kill, but other angels to do the same, he does what is necessary and heads to the Batcave to double-cross Metatron.  In all fairness, everyone should have seen coming.  You remember that whole deal with the fruit and the tree and Adam and Eve, right?