After last week's monstrously muddy backdpoor pilot, it's refreshing to find that “Supernatural” has returned to his sinister freakshow everyone loves.  "King Of The Damned" has our beloved Winchesters reuniting with Commander Castiel; Crowley reuniting with his son, and an intense showdown with Abaddon, reigning Queen, and Dean Winchester armed with the first blade.  

Grab your "Chicken Soup For The Abusive,  Drunken, Demonic Father's Soul" and let's dive in, shall we?  

Commander Castiel

With the season finale rapidly approaching, big moves are being made: alliances are being forged and broken; and Dean has been here, done that and is rightfully distrustful of everyone.  "It's a gift," he grins to a stunned Castiel...oh excuse me, COMMANDER Castiel.  Since "Meta Fiction," Castiel has been amassing his army, and they've gone high tech, complete with a command center and offices.  When Metatron's braggy minion is killed while in captivity, Castiel realizes that there may be some wisdom in Dean's distrust.  He prods Sam about being possessed by Gadreel.  Sam, who was in the dark had the time, must have dissected the experience now that he has all of the facts.  He gruffly answers Castiel's questions, saying that they "shared housing" but not violent or threatened.  I'm not sure what to think of Sam suddenly being able to recognize that he was co-opted by an angel.  It feels as if they’re trying to minimize what was done to him.  But Castiel is using this as a litmus test for their presumed enemy, and that's terrifying.

Castiel takes that knowledge to arrange a clandestine meeting with the double-crossing angel who borrowed Sam's body to betray Dean and kill Kevin.  Even after they are ambushed and a pretty wicked angel-on-angel fight, Castiel enlists Gadreel to spy on Metatron and even the playing field. 

The angel war is on, and it's going to be anything but heavenly.  

Father Knows Worst

Crowley's steadily losing the campaign for Leader of Hell.  The reigning king can no longer get a handful of demons to do his bidding or even keep his location a secret. "No one in the history of torture has been tortured like the torture your about to be tortured with," he menaced fairly ineffectually.  Even he uses humor to mask the pain.

The Queen arrives to force Crowley to double-cross the Winchesters by producing his estranged son, Duncan McCloud, form three centuries ago.  Did someone mention torture?!  Bring it on!  You honestly can't say the surname "McCloud" without triggering images from the awesome "Highlander" series and the uber-hot Duncan McCloud.  If you were expecting a tearful father/son reunion, you're clearly watching the wrong show.  It seems that Papa Ferguson wasn’t that much different than Demon-Crowley.  However, the word is out that Crowley's addicted to human blood and that he's a millimeter away from humanity.  He eventually surrenders to the Queen's whims and it only takes Duncan sobbing and screaming while he cries a puddle of blood. He does manage to warn Moose and Squirrel though.  As for Duncan, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.  When greeted with all of the wonder of modernity, he turns to Crowley and Abaddon and gasps, "Is this Heaven?  You must be angels."  Both are confounded by his stupidity.  "Wow," they gasp in unison.  See, alliances aren't so bad!  

Crowley's wretched humanity has him ignoring the Winchesters warnings to return his son back to his time (and ultimately his doom) and sets him loose on the twenty-first century.  There will be some kind of insane butterfly effect because of this.  I wonder what it could be!