Ooh, the pre-title sequence. Not a great place to be if you want to survive the episode. This week, we open on a quiet house; there's pictures of a nice-looking family over the fireplace mantle, and as is the case with 'Supernatural', this means that something is going to destroy the poor family. Yup- a bloody arm smashes the pictures, and a terrified woman runs upstairs, holding her baby.

She hides in her bedroom and tries to call the police, but the phone lines been cut. She takes the baby and moves under the bed. Feet stop right in front of the door, waiting a few seconds before moving past it. She lets out a sigh of relief, before looking over and seeing her dead husband lying on the floor next to her. She's dragged out from under the bed, and all you hear is her dying awfully off-screen, as the camera stays on her super creepy baby.

Over in Dean's world, he and the Braedens have moved.

Dean is out in his garage, going through the Impala's trunk. Aww, his old sawed-off! He locks it back up and throws the keys in his toolbox before grabbing a moving box and heading inside.
Ben is anything but thrilled over leaving his old house, Dean slowly turning into his dad and putting everyone on lock-down probably isn't helping things. Rather than letting Ben go check out the neighborhood, Dean has him stay in. Lisa promises him that they'll go out for lunch and take a look around later, and Dean reluctantly okays it, but later on orders pizza to the house, claiming 'he forgot' that they were going out. Lisa isn't buying it, and Ben looks like a mopey puppy. So far, I'm not sure if I like this new Dean.

Sam is impersonating a cop at the murder scene of the pre-title family. Both the parents are dead, and the baby is missing.

After searing the house, Sam calls Samuel; there was no sulphur, no EMF, he doesn't think it's their kind of case. Samuel disagrees- there are four families that have been murdered and their babies missing, so "either it's monsters grabbing babies to make baby stew, or we've got a bunch of psychotic yokels grabbing babies to make baby stew. Either way, it's baby stew…which is bad." eloquent and wise words, granddaddy Campbell. Sam mentions that the burglar alarm never went off in the house, and asks Samuel check to see if any of the other houses had Harper Caine security. Samuel would be all over that, if he could only figure out how to make these meddlesome 'computers' work. And grandparents everywhere nod in agreement.

Dean heads out to the garage to find Ben has opened the Impala's trunk and is playing with his sawed-off. Dean freaks out and tells him to never go into the trunk. Ben doesn't get what the big deal is- Dean was handling guns at his age. Dean promises him that he "will never ever shoot a gun." With this show, that's pretty much sentencing him to a life as a hunter later on, Dean.

Ben knows that they had to move because Dean was worried about something coming after them, and he wants Dean to teach him how to fight. Dean snaps and yells at Ben, who quickly backs down and gets out of the garage.

Lisa comes out to find out what happened, and Dean gives her some lame excuse about Ben 'getting into his tools.' Again, Lisa isn't buying it, and asks if he wants to talk about everything- yelling at Ben, why he wants to keep them in the house- she gets that he's trying to keep them safe, but the Djinn that they moved because of are dead, "so what is it Dean- a monster, or monsters in general?"

Dean doesn't have a good answer, there are a countless number of things out there, and he can't predict when or what might come after him. Lisa tells him that they can't live their lives like this- at some time, they're going to have to leave the house, at least for work and school.

Dean is still rattled from his Djinn-induced hallucination and what he saw, and he could never deal if something happened to them on his watch. Lisa gets what he's doing, but he's starting to scare her.

Sam's going over case-files when Samuel calls him- every house that got hit had the same security system. There's one more family that fits the profile that haven't been hit yet, and Sam rushes to his car to get there in time. When he reaches the house, it's night. Gun in hand, he does his super-stealthy Sam walk to the house, but is already too late- both the parents are dead. Bloody footprints lead away from the body, so Sam follows them (of course stepping in the blood first, the genius), and is lead to an empty closet. While he's inspecting the closet, a guy from the home security company jumps him from another door. Sam slices the other guys arm with his knife, and the wound begins to hiss- looks like Sam's found his monster.

The monster takes off running, and Sam hears a noise in the other room. He quietly heads toward it; the noise is coming from underneath a sheet. He lifts it up, and its a- well, we don't get to actually find out what it is, but the look on his face is awesome.

Back in the car, he calls Dean sounding very urgent. He tells him that he's working a job, and at first Dean wants nothing to do with it. Dean asks what's so important that he needs him for, and whatever Sam tells him causes Dean to make an even better face than Sam had. Oh these guys and their hilarious reaction shots- I'll never stop loving it.

Dean drives his stupid truck (because really, anything that's not the Impala is just lame) out to meet Sam. He gravely looks into the backseat, where Sam has…whatever strapped down. "Welcome to the party, Steve Guttenberg." Sam quips, before finally showing us what's in the car; Sam Winchester just totally kidnapped a murder-baby, and Supernatural continues it's winning stretch of finding the creepiest looking kids in Canada.

Dean's planning on heading out with Sam, so he makes Lisa go through gun loading and shooting basics one last time before he leaves. She demonstrates proper gun technique for the class, and continues to been totally awesome. Dean considers not going with Sam, but Lisa sweetly insists, "If you don't walk out that door, I'll shoot you." Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional character? Because I think I have.

Dean gives in, and teases her about probably missing her ex right about now, what with being stuck with him; they act cute together for a few seconds before Dean kisses her goodbye and promises to be careful.

Dean drives out to where he's meeting Sam, and they try to figure out what they're hunting. So far it's been narrowed down to "a ghoul, a zombie, a shifter, or about a dozen other things." Good job, Team Winchester, it's been narrowed down to just about anything you can think of that doesn't like silver.

The baby is kind of adorable, in a slightly creepy way. Seeing Sam and Dean rids around with a baby in the backseat is pretty much the same- kind of adorable, but at the same time, you want it to get far, far away.
Dean mentions that they're going to need some supplies, and Sam gives him a smarmy look, "I've got an arsenal in the trunk." Dean mostly thinks his brother is an idiot. "Not that kind." He says, and before you know it, they're in the baby aisle of the nearest grocery store.

They both look terribly weirded-out to be in the baby aisle, but they vigilantly stick it out and grab diaper rash paste, diapers, formula- if it's in the baby aisle, it looks like it's going in their cart. Dean has a little experience with this sort of thing- Lisa has a baby niece, and Dean's been on quite a few baby runs in the last year.
The baby starts getting fussy, so they start moving, hoping to get out of there before the waterworks begin. Too late; they're still checking out, and the baby is wailing away. Sam looks slightly perturbed and tells Dean to "Make it stop. Everyone's staring at us like we're child abusers" Here's guessing that Sam hasn't spent much time around kids.
Both the guys look horrified at the thought that the baby might need to be changed. Dean picks the baby up and looks for leakage or some sign of a messy diaper. Whatever he's doing isn't making the baby happy, and he keeps on crying. For whatever reason, Dean begins to mimic him, making crying noises along with the baby as everyone else in the store either stares at them or does their best to look anywhere else.

A sweet old lady comes up to their lane asks the baby's name. "Bobby" Dean answers at the same time as Sam says "John"; "Bobby-John." is the best Dean can come up with. The little old lady offers to hold the baby, and he instantly calms down. Sam and Dean are also looking a little bit calmer, until Dean glances over at the security monitors and sees that the sweet old lady's eyes are flashing on-camera. Crap. Dean tries not to raise her suspicions, and politely tries to take the baby back. And by politely I mean threatens to stab her in the neck. Sam doesn't get the sudden change in behavior, until Dean points back to the monitors. The old lady takes off running with the baby, but Dean gets hold of her, only to come away with a handful of skin. Oh shapeshifters, how you and your disgusting piles of skin have been missed!

Sam cuts her off before she can get to the doors and manages to get the baby back before Dean comes barreling in from behind and tackles her to the ground. He pulls out his switchblade, but before he can slice open an old woman in a grocery store, the store manager pulls him off. Dean gives in and puts the knife away, but before anyone can do anything, he takes off running and jumps into Sam's car just as he pulls up. The shifter makes it outside too late, but still manages to get their license plate number.

In the car, Dean is struggling to get the baby strapped into its car seat properly. Sam worries that the shifter has been following him this whole time. They decide they need to get off the road and find a place to hole up. Which is probably a good idea, considering the shifter is wearing the face of a cop now and has called in their plates.

Sam and Dean are back where they belong- in a crappy,  horribly decorated motel. As Dean changes Bobby-John's diaper, Sam flips through some files. Dean hums 'Smoke on the Water' to put the baby to sleep, and what to you know, it works. Sam's a little surprised by Dean's awesome daddy skills (I'm not sure why though- who does he think raised him?). Dean chalks it up to having been around Ben so much lately. He may not be his kid, but it's starting to feel like he is. After the way Sam and Dean were brought up, he's hoping he gets to do something different with Ben. Sam's not so sure. "Moving them around, keeping them on lock-down- how is any of the different from how we were raised?"

Dean tells him that it's just temporary, but Sam points out that their dad said the exact same this for twenty-two years. Sam understands that he wants to protect them, "but how do you do that, and not turn into dad?" Dean sits silently, he can't say that Sam is wrong, because he's just touched on what we're all worried Dean will become.

The conversation changes topics when Sam notices something he missed before- one of the families that died was separated, the dad didn't even live at the house, meaning he's still alive somewhere. The guys are ready to head out the door when they remember the baby. Dean offers to stay behind, so Sam's once again off on his own. The baby starts crying again, so Dean dips his finger in his whiskey and gives it to the baby. Those daddy skills that were so awesome a minute ago, Dean? Right out the window.

Sam talks to the dad from the other family, who still seems pretty shaken up about the whole thing. He had filed for divorce because his wife had been cheating on him. Apparently, they hadn't been close for a while, when suddenly she was pregnant. She told him that the baby was his, reminding him of the time he came home from out of town early and they made up for lost time. The only thing is, he hadn't come back from town early. Whoever had actually come over when he was gone is the father. Three guesses to who that could have been.

The baby's finally quiet once again, and Dean's enjoying the comforting embrace of the hotel bed's Magic Fingers massage. A gross sound comes from the baby's crib; There's  blood and skin goop hanging off the wall, and when Dean gets over there, Bobby-John has turned into the baby from the diaper box.

The baby's still crying as Dean tries to towel the gunk off when the manager knocks at the door. He says that there's been noise complaints, and when Dean reassures him that everything is fine, he starts jiggling the handle. Dean's suspicious and puts the baby down before pulling out his gun; the door unlocks, and the shifter, still wearing the dead cop comes in. There's a bit of a struggle and the shifter tells Dean that the baby should be with his father. Dean makes a quip about family resemblance, but the shifter just smiles- he's not talking about himself, he's talking about their father.

The shifter attacks, and Dean ends up on the floor. Before the shifter can get to the baby though, Sam comes in and shoots him in the back.

Back on the road, Sam's not only a bit impressed by the shifter's baby-making plan, but surprised to know they even could have babies. He just assumed that it was some 'X-Men'-style crap and they were mutants or something.

Sam's never seen a baby monster before; Dean corrects him and says it's not actually a monster- it's just a baby who couldn't help who his dad was. Being a shifter just means that they can't exactly drop it off at an orphanage, where an ever-changing baby might upset normal folks. Sam suggests they go to Samuel, but Dean's not liking the idea of taking a baby monster into a room with a bunch of hunters. Sam's still on the 'they aren't just hunters, they're family' crap; Dean doesn't trust them, but Sam's totally on Team Campbell. "Not every hunter is a head-case. Samuel is actually a lot like you." Which sounds good in theory, until Dean points out that he is a head-case. Well, at least he knows it.

When Dean can't come up with a better alternative, it's off to Camp Campbell.

Creepy cousin Gwen sinisterly coos over the baby, and Dean's really not feeling it. The ever quiet Mark just stares judgingly and Christian smirks off in his corner. Sam comes out with Grandpa Samuel, who has a few ideas what to do with the baby. Dean practically has a death-grip on poor Bobby-John, and he's not giving him up to Samuel. Christian wonders who exactly Dean thinks they are hay he won't give up the baby. "Hunters." Because really, what else does he need to say?

Dean lets Sam hold the baby, who immediately passes it over to Samuel. He seems to be sincerely nice with the baby, but there's no way anyone should be trusting that guy. Dean wonders exactly what they've got planned for Bobby-John, and Samuel informs him that they're going to raise him. That's definitely not what Dean was expecting to hear, and while Samuel tells him that it's dangerous out in the world for the baby, Dean's more worried about how dangerous it is locked up with them. Are they going to study him, run experiments? Christian tells him that just because his mind goes right to torture, that doesn't mean that they all think that way. Oh yeah, Sam spilled the beans about Dean's time down under. Way to go Sam.
The Campbells aren't planning on experimenting on anything, they're just going to raise the baby to be a hunter. Mark speaks up for the first time that I can remember; he thinks Bobby-John could be great. What with his shifting ability, he'd be an amazing hunter.

Dean is anything but comforted and wants to take the baby and leave, Samuel wonders why he doesn't trust him. Umm, maybe because you are back from the dead for reasons unkown? Sam tells Dean he's not the only one wondering how they're back, and he is looking every inch as creepy and possibly evil as the rest of the Campbells.

Samuel gives the baby to Christian, whose been trying to have a baby with his wife with no success. The entire scene is very unsettling for some reason, and I sincerely hope the writers aren't trying to make the Campbells look anything but questionable, because there's no way I can trust them for a second.

Dogs bark in the distance; the shifter is here. Samuel sends Sam and Dean to the panic room downstairs with the baby as the rest of the group arm themselves. The shifter comes in, wearing Samuel's face. He knows the baby is there, he can feel him. Gwen shoots him in the back, but instead of going down the like the last shifter, this one just shrugs it off and walks her way. Mark jumps in front of her and stabs the shifter at the same time that Samuel shoots him full of tranquilizers, but the shifter simply snaps Mark's neck before grabbing hold of Gwen. Samuel manages to shoot him about five more times, and the shifter finally lets Gwen go. His vision goes blurry and he seems like he's heading for the floor. Samuel tells Christian to grab the silver nets so they can box him up; they are totally shady.

Instead of going down like they had planned though, the shifter stands back up sends the tranquilizer darts flying out his back. Woah.

Down in the panic room, Dean's trying to keep Bobby-John from fussing too loud. It's not sounding good upstairs, so Sam decides he's going to head upstairs to help out. When he gets to the door though, he comes face-to-face with himself. The shifter made it down and is now wearing Sam's face, and pulls the panic door off its hinges. Sam attempts to stab him, but the shifter just throws him to the side, knocking him out. As he walks toward Dean and Bobby-John, he shifts into Dean, no skin, no mess. Again- woah.

The shifter grabs Dean by the throat and has him half-way up the wall before Dean can do anything. Dean's having enough trouble just trying to breath, and the the shifter easily takes the baby from him. Once Dean passes out, the shifter drops him and walks out the door.

Sam and Dean re-group with the Campbells upstairs; the shifter made it out with the baby, and they are now one man down with Mark dead. Sam gives Samuel the go-ahead when Dean asks what they just fought. Samuel thinks the shifter may have been the Alpha. All shifters come from somewhere, and the alpha is the first one that spawned all the rest. As far as they know, there's no way they can kill it.

Dean gets to thinking as they head out to the car; Sam obviously knew about the alpha shifter, which makes Dean think he was using the baby for bait. Sam denies it of course, but after how chummy he's been with the Campbells, it doesn't seem that he trusts his brother any more than the rest of us.

Back at Camp Campbell, Samuel is on the phone with some mysterious somebody. He's telling the mystery person that they didn't catch the shifter; whoever is on the phone seems to be the person that the Campbells are working for, and Samuel tells them that he'll bring them the shifter.

Dean comes home and ends up having a talk with Lisa. He doesn't know if it's safer for her and Ben to have him at the house with them or if they would be better off if he was out hunting. He doesn't like the things he's been doing lately- yelling and keeping them under lock-down, it's not who he wants to be.

Lisa doesn't know what is the safest either, but she does know that Dean is not a construction worker, he's a hunter. With Sam back, she knows that he doesn't want to be with her and Ben. Dean argues that he does, and Lisa concedes; he may want to be with her and Ben, but he also wants to be off with Sam. Lisa knows that every time he goes off to help with a case, he's going to come back and they'll have this exact discussion every time. She tells him that she needs him to leave; Dean doesn't want to lose her and Ben, but she tells him that's not what she's saying. Everything has to be either/or with him, but she has different plans. Dean will go off and do what he does best, and her and Ben will be there when he can come. Dean's not sure they can pull something like that off, but Lisa thinks it's worth a shot.

'Smoke on the Water' kicks in, and Dean looks like he's getting back to his old self. He frees the poor Impala from the tarp and we get some legit car-porn shots. Oh baby, that car has been missed.
With the screeching of tires and a smile on Dean's face, the episode ends, leaving me hoping to see the boys back to their old ways next week.


Rating: A

I know that there are going to be people out there complaining about how 'Supernatural' seems to be taking it's storyline's straight out of cheesy fanfiction this season, but so far I'm really liking it. It may be a bit weird to have the boys riding around with a baby in the car, but I thought the story was well-done and is seemingly setting up to bring the shifters back later on. Besides, haven't we all wondered where shifters come from? Ever since 'Skin' way back in season one, I know I have.

The Campbells continue to be mysterious and creepy, and I'm getting more and more anxious to see what their game-plan is. It definitely feels that even if Sam doesn't know everything they've got going on, he's very much on their side. I'm not sure how that's going to play out, and to be honest, Sam being possibly evil is feeling a bit stale. I'm not saying that I expect Sam to get out of Hell and away from Lucifer and just be fine, but I really hope that whatever they're doing with him comes to light soon, because a whole season of this could get tiresome.

And as much as I've said it, I just have to say it again; Lisa Braeden is the best love interest they've ever had on this show. Love interests don't stay alive very long around here, which is sort of making me worried about her expiration date, but she's managed to stay alive this long. Hopefully they'll keep her breathing through the rest of the season.

Next week I'll be recapping from the Chicago Supernatural convention, where hopefully I'll be getting some details on what we can expect this season. Also, Castiel is back; everything else is irrelevant.